Thursday, October 10, 2013

You've been in the Presence of Angels and not recognized it!

the Presence of Angels
Angels are around us at all times. We can expect to see them at any time. They can and will appear when we least expect them.
Sadly so much emphasis has been placed on seeing angels, that we miss the many ways that angels try to communicate with us on a daily basis. They alter the vibrations around us in subtle (and not so subtle) ways to gain our attention. 

Some of these ways include:
·       -Breeze of fragrance from an unidentified source – usually floral but I have known gingerbread, pine, etc.
·       -Unearthly beautiful music –usually chords – with no identifiable source
·      - -Thoughts just popping into your head
·       -Synchronicity and coincidence used as signals
·      - Pictures and names impressed on your minds
·       -Sensations of movement on the skin when no one is there.

Indirectly angels communicate with us in such ways as:
·       -A passage in a book that leaps out at you - angel “highlighting”
·      -- A song that you cannot get out of your head.

How will you know if you have been dealing with an angel? 
Look for two confirmations. 
1.       An angel loves you unconditionally. 
2.     You will be forever changed after your encounter.

       (Angel, Guides, Ancestors by Connie Dohan   copyright   available on


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