Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sacred Places Retreat October 2018

CONNIE continues her "Pay Back to the Universe"
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Full 8 module video course - ABUNDANCE GENERATORS
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A practical "soul on" time  for you to reconnect with Spirit as well as earn certificates to add to your vitae.  (Possible to earn $400 worth of certificates from Reiki Awakening Academy built into program at no extra cost).
Maximum of 20 spots so that you can receive the guidance, direction and support you need.
Structured mindfully for those
 on a time crunch and tight budget.

        re-discover and reclaim your Sacred Self

WHO:    You & all your metaphysical friends/family

WHAT:  3-day Sacred Retreat: 

WHEN:  October 26, 27,28***

WHERE:  Serpent Mound -
          hotel hillsboro, Ohio

HOW:    Spots are limited 
          -only 20 register NOW!

WHY:     Discover your sacred self/ soul's calling

(***check in  5pm-7pm on Friday.  Event closes Sunday at 12:45 p.m. Extra certificate sessions at no additional charge 12:45pm-2:45pm)

Registration ($300-$400 dependent on room options selected)

Included in price:
2 nights at the Days Inn by Wyndham in Hillsboro, OH
·      Double  or single occupancy queen size rooms (2 beds)
·       Meals: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 supper,
·       Metaphysical & energy healing certificates,
·       Admission fees to Serpent Mound,
·       Seminar supplies & manuals
·       Goodie bags & door prizes
·       Free readings & energy healings
·        6-foot copper pyramid meditation space and access to many other metaphysical resources and activities


Register with attached form or contact Connie at
If this form does not print properly or easily for you   click here


Sacred Spaces Retreat Registration
Rediscover and Reclaim your Sacred Self
Name Last:
Name First:
Suffix (Mr. Ms. Mrs. Jr. III. Other):
Gender:   M 0 - F 0
Early Bird Special Registration
    September 15) -                $25 Reduction:

Cell Number:
Special Needs – Physical/Dietary (Will attempt to accommodate):

Anything else you would like to tell us?

How would you like your name to appear on certificates?

Single Occupancy
room with 2 queen size beds)
max 1 person
($375 / person)  0
Double Occupancy)
room with 2 queen size beds 
max 2 persons
($325 / persons) 0
Multiple Occupancy)
room with 2 queen size beds
max 3 or 4 persons  ($275 / each) 0
Have a Roommate -Name:


Seeking Roommate:

Yes 0   No0
Cost includes: Room Preference (rate accordingly), two breakfasts, one lunch, one dinner, Earned Certifications, Manuals, Handouts, Admissions to the Mound and any other retreat cost. NOTE: You will be responsible for one lunch and one dinner, snacks and other personal incidentals. Your room does have a refrigerator if you wish to avail yourself.
There will be an opportunity to stay for up to 2 hours extra on Sunday
Various class options may be available to earn an additional Certificates (Reiki Awaking Academy). Please let us know your interest.
Power Reiki
Light Worker Reiki Basic Runes
Animal Reiki
Other (please list):
Pay Registration to:
Check Amount Sent:
0 $375 0 $325 0 $275 0    Early Bird Verified 0
Serpent Mound is the largest effigy mound in the US. It is built on the site of an ancient meteor strike, and resonates with a timeless energy of transformation, healing and manifestation.
Serpent Mound is a place of amplification, and it is a portal to other dimensions. It is a place of Nature and Spirit.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Angels Can Help with Emotions - Illuminated Insights by Diane

Angels can help with Emotions ~
Releasing Anger & Unforgiveness
                                                                                                      ~ by Diane

This month I am focusing on Archangel Uriel. The message from this card is “Your emotions are healing, which enables you to open to greater love. I will help you release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind.” If you want additional information about this deck, you can refer to previous articles on Amid Angels where I introduced  myself and the Messages from Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.

Archangel Uriel is here to help you open up to divine guidance. Being open to love is what we all desire, isn’t it? But sometimes it feels almost too good to be true. Or, it might feel like  the exact opposite. Too much effort in love for too little good results. Either way, start with being grounded and connected to love and light. (see more info on these topics on Next, you need to focus on self-love. (I have also referenced more detailed articles on these topics on my blog as well.) Yes, I am being serious. How can you expect others to love you, when you cannot even love and accept yourself? You really are an incredible person, but if your self-talk is beating you up — black and blue — that has got to stop. Louise Hay, from Hay House, has some great tools with her Mirror Work. The exercises are very useful in improving your self esteem, accepting your inner and outer beauty as well as lowering your negative self-talk. It is a process, for sure — and a very meaningful and beneficial one. I have used these tools myself. So I know from personal experience and talking with others on this topic.  
Forgiveness is a tricky issue, for sure. I have found that by allowing forgiveness to occur, I stop punishing myself or holding myself back. Is that what you expected? I am actually setting myself free, not the other person. I am never actually saying that this hurt was OK with me. I am really just saying that I am done harboring anger and getting in my own way. Always taking these issues to God and the Angels is the most beneficial for me. 

Anger is another sticking point for many of us. When I get triggered, I wish I would always  choose a quick and reliable way to calm myself before I react and lose my temper and say or do something I will regret. It happens to all of us. 
Let’s learn some useful techniques that we can develop over time into habits. 
  • Close your eyes and do some deep breathing
  • Walk away or get some exercise
  • Squeeze a stress-relief ball 
  • Listen to calming music
  • get outside, in nature or with animals
  • Express your anger in writing
  • Meditate
  • Find a safe healing activity like throwing or kicking a ball or visualize your frustration melting away like an angry snowman…
These techniques can help you and your emotions whether you are dragging up past wounds and traumas from childhood, visiting your recent past or dealing with something new and fresh. You are an amazing person inside and out. I can easily see that when I tune into your energy. Can you? Or are you stuck in your current circumstances blaming yourself or others? You no longer need to drag this emotional baggage around behind you any longer. Many of us hold anger on our shoulders, or in  parts of our body — like carrying the weight of the world on top of us. That is too much for anyone. And it is unnecessary! It is time to release and move forward with grace and ease. It is possible, we just need to have faith and start. 
Remember the Power of 3’s and as often as you can, say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Angels for helping me with my emotions. They are helping me heal and open to greater love by releasing anger and reluctance to forgive from my heart and mind. ”
Please reach out to me for additional help with the issues I discussed in this article, or any other questions or concerns you may have. Angel Blessings!

Expect Magic and Miracles… Diane, from Dianergy

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Illuminated insights daine july 2018


I help with Life Purpose~
Arts and Communication
                                                                                          ~ by Diane 

This month I am focusing on Archangel Gabrielle. The message from this deck is “I help those whose life purpose is in the arts or communication.” If you want additional information about this deck, you can refer to previous articles where I introduced  myself and the Messages from Angels Oracle Deck. 

Archangel Gabrielle is here to support you, open doors for you to walk through and even prod you to take further action. Are you being called to write or express yourself creatively? Is this still all in your head? Are over thinking it and comparing yourself, unfavorably, to others? Well, it is time to STOP, and take a couple deep breaths for a moment. You are likely getting angelic communication— yet you are ignoring these repetitive messages. The angels are here because you have a message to share. Actually, a number of important communications will be coming from you. The angels are surrounding you with love and support and uplifting you to a higher perspective. If you could only see what they see from their vantage point. WOW!!!

Start small. Just test your  voice, your pen, your brushstrokes in a safe way. Talk to your angels and take a leap of faith. Let your creative mojo out of the box where you have kept it locked up and restrained. Hmm… my guess is that you are more than ready; and that is why you are reading this message today. 

Please do not let your insecurities, others need to control your choices or shut you down to stop your creative expression. Close your eyes…take some deep breaths. Focus yourself, get grounded and connected to Divine Energy and step into the flow of life. Start creatively shinning your light, today. This is just for you. No one else needs to see it until you are ready. And I will continue to provide you with more opportunities to learn, grow and practice to improve your natural skills, talents and abilities. Plus, build your confidence : ) And then, you will find a natural way to step into the world with grace and ease. Many are waiting to hear from you and see you light up their world with your luminous presence. They want to be inspired by your creativity and have been waiting. Your efforts will benefit your growth and expansion as well as others. This process will multiply as you trust your path. All you need to do is be honest and cooperate with me. Share your concerns, fears, hopes and dreams. Ask me for help. I am beside you the entire way. You are not alone, you never have been. Think of me as you personal coach and guide. I am asking you to have faith  and jump into the FLOW of life and ALLOW, because you are more than ready to share your gifts. Many Blessings! 
And remember, Every Day say Thank You, Angels for helping me with my creativity and artistic expression~which is Raising My Vibration! Hooray!”

Expect Magic and Miracles… Diane

Monday, June 25, 2018

Group Healing - Connie's Way

In the energetic world, group healing refers to either:
-an individual sending energy to a group or
-a group sending healing energy to an individual

In the latter, the group generally intends together and lays hands physically on the individual or via surrogate or vision if remote.

I would like to suggest you think outside the box .

Image result for reiki animated gif

When we meet for group healing at my place, we go from each of our strengths. It is a powerful experience and we learn not only from the healing process but also from each other.

We begin  by rubbing our palms and soles to ensure our healing and grounding chakras are wide open.
We then say our chosen invocation out loud in unison.
There is no music of any kind.

The person who will serve as vessel for healing stands with hands out stretched
The seer among us stands back and "sees"-often directing the vessel to different areas of the body/aura. 
The one who's clair is sensing, senses & and gives input to the vesssel.
Those who work with angels, ascednded masters, guides (and any being that is of the light) call in that energy and apply it to the situation.
Those gifted in deserning of spirits ensure spirit releasment and cleansing.
Those who receive messages relay them
Those who speak light language will speak or sing as the spirit gives utterance - moving in a clockwise (counter clockwise) fashion around the the table so as to create an energy vortrex.

No matter the gift, room is made for it.
If the group of light workers does not have experience working together, often one is assigned as the "conductor"/"team leader" over see the whole picture and facilitate the best out come possible.

It is equally powerful remote as live.

Grab some "like minded people" and give it a try!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Angel Stories-encounters by every day people, evrery day places, every day times, every day lives-

Some of my favorite angel stories-
encounters by every day people, evrery day places, every day times, every day lives-

Enjoy & be inspired!

             Angels at Bob Evans

the Holey Angel

the Bud Wiser Sign

Angels Fly Delta

the Hand

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Do you desire Healing help? Diane

Do you desire Healing help? (Diane)

Hello, again, Diane here-
We are continuing the topic of communicating with our angels. This month I am focusing on Archangel Raphael. The message from this deck is “I am helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer like me.” If you want additional information about this deck, you can refer to last month’s article in Amid Angels Blog (May 17, 2018) where I introduced myself and the Messages from Angels Oracle Deck. 
Archangel Raphael surrounds physical ailments with emerald green healing light. This energy surrounds your body and the challenged areas.  The light is automatically absorbed where it is needed. Talk to Raphael as if he were your best friend and confidant. Share your deepest fears, anxieties and burdens. Once you unload this low vibration reality of emotion, choose to Let It Go! Who better to assist you than an archangel? 
You can simply make a choice/decision to “let it all go” if that makes sense to you. But if just stating the words does not feel valid or lasting—and you need more, I have other suggestions, too. For these exercises, make sure you ask your angels to walk with you, surround you and bring you peace and confidence as you proceed. 
You can do any of these literal or visualization exercises with great success. 

Start by closing your eyes, taking several deep breaths while relaxing your shoulders and any other part of your body that feels stiff.  
Exercise A: Imagine that you are by a lovely body of water —This can be done literally, or through visualization.WATER is a powerful purifying and  cleansing element of nature. The water can take a variety of forms. Choose one that calls out to you: a waterfall, sparkling babbling brook or walking into the salty nourishing ocean waters to play with a dolphin. Any of these will work well. You can also make up your own: as simple as your own daily shower, the hose that you water your garden with or pretending that you are going through an energetic car wash. Regardless of your specific technique, by entering the water, you can imagine you are releasing your worries, fears and struggles into the moving waters. As you continue to move through this cleansing Gaia energy… the Universe removes the baggage you have been dragging behind you because you are now ready. You first connected with your angels and second, you set your intention that this would work. Our mind/body/spirit is much more powerful than we have realized. Give this a try. You have a lot to gain, and very little to lose.

Exercise B: Another powerful and equally effective technique (once you’re grounded, connected and setting your intentions as above) — is to release all of your unwanted baggage using the mother earth power of FIRE. You can use a campfire, fire pit, fireplace or anything that makes sense to you and is safe. Similar to our earlier example of water, you can do this literally if you feel inspired to connected to the feeling or action of throwing things into the fire, watching it burst into flames and see them turn to dust. OR if you want all the benefits of this experience without the time, hassle or energy of creating it — you can choose to be relaxed, grounded, connected and focused on imagination and visualization of this same process while deeply and with feeling end up with the same result. It is simply a matter of setting your intention. So, the choice is totally yours, what is your preference? The more you believe in it and dig deep with your feelings for this process, the more effective it is. 

And remember, always Thank Your Angels for helping with your healing and continued growth and expansion!

Expect Magic and Miracles… Diane