Monday, June 25, 2018

Group Healing - Connie's Way

In the energetic world, group healing refers to either:
-an individual sending energy to a group or
-a group sending healing energy to an individual

In the latter, the group generally intends together and lays hands physically on the individual or via surrogate or vision if remote.

I would like to suggest you think outside the box .

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When we meet for group healing at my place, we go from each of our strengths. It is a powerful experience and we learn not only from the healing process but also from each other.

We begin  by rubbing our palms and soles to ensure our healing and grounding chakras are wide open.
We then say our chosen invocation out loud in unison.
There is no music of any kind.

The person who will serve as vessel for healing stands with hands out stretched
The seer among us stands back and "sees"-often directing the vessel to different areas of the body/aura. 
The one who's clair is sensing, senses & and gives input to the vesssel.
Those who work with angels, ascednded masters, guides (and any being that is of the light) call in that energy and apply it to the situation.
Those gifted in deserning of spirits ensure spirit releasment and cleansing.
Those who receive messages relay them
Those who speak light language will speak or sing as the spirit gives utterance - moving in a clockwise (counter clockwise) fashion around the the table so as to create an energy vortrex.

No matter the gift, room is made for it.
If the group of light workers does not have experience working together, often one is assigned as the "conductor"/"team leader" over see the whole picture and facilitate the best out come possible.

It is equally powerful remote as live.

Grab some "like minded people" and give it a try!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Angel Stories-encounters by every day people, evrery day places, every day times, every day lives-

Some of my favorite angel stories-
encounters by every day people, evrery day places, every day times, every day lives-

Enjoy & be inspired!

             Angels at Bob Evans

the Holey Angel

the Bud Wiser Sign

Angels Fly Delta

the Hand

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Do you desire Healing help? Diane

Do you desire Healing help? (Diane)

Hello, again, Diane here-
We are continuing the topic of communicating with our angels. This month I am focusing on Archangel Raphael. The message from this deck is “I am helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer like me.” If you want additional information about this deck, you can refer to last month’s article in Amid Angels Blog (May 17, 2018) where I introduced myself and the Messages from Angels Oracle Deck. 
Archangel Raphael surrounds physical ailments with emerald green healing light. This energy surrounds your body and the challenged areas.  The light is automatically absorbed where it is needed. Talk to Raphael as if he were your best friend and confidant. Share your deepest fears, anxieties and burdens. Once you unload this low vibration reality of emotion, choose to Let It Go! Who better to assist you than an archangel? 
You can simply make a choice/decision to “let it all go” if that makes sense to you. But if just stating the words does not feel valid or lasting—and you need more, I have other suggestions, too. For these exercises, make sure you ask your angels to walk with you, surround you and bring you peace and confidence as you proceed. 
You can do any of these literal or visualization exercises with great success. 

Start by closing your eyes, taking several deep breaths while relaxing your shoulders and any other part of your body that feels stiff.  
Exercise A: Imagine that you are by a lovely body of water —This can be done literally, or through visualization.WATER is a powerful purifying and  cleansing element of nature. The water can take a variety of forms. Choose one that calls out to you: a waterfall, sparkling babbling brook or walking into the salty nourishing ocean waters to play with a dolphin. Any of these will work well. You can also make up your own: as simple as your own daily shower, the hose that you water your garden with or pretending that you are going through an energetic car wash. Regardless of your specific technique, by entering the water, you can imagine you are releasing your worries, fears and struggles into the moving waters. As you continue to move through this cleansing Gaia energy… the Universe removes the baggage you have been dragging behind you because you are now ready. You first connected with your angels and second, you set your intention that this would work. Our mind/body/spirit is much more powerful than we have realized. Give this a try. You have a lot to gain, and very little to lose.

Exercise B: Another powerful and equally effective technique (once you’re grounded, connected and setting your intentions as above) — is to release all of your unwanted baggage using the mother earth power of FIRE. You can use a campfire, fire pit, fireplace or anything that makes sense to you and is safe. Similar to our earlier example of water, you can do this literally if you feel inspired to connected to the feeling or action of throwing things into the fire, watching it burst into flames and see them turn to dust. OR if you want all the benefits of this experience without the time, hassle or energy of creating it — you can choose to be relaxed, grounded, connected and focused on imagination and visualization of this same process while deeply and with feeling end up with the same result. It is simply a matter of setting your intention. So, the choice is totally yours, what is your preference? The more you believe in it and dig deep with your feelings for this process, the more effective it is. 

And remember, always Thank Your Angels for helping with your healing and continued growth and expansion!

Expect Magic and Miracles… Diane


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Monday, June 4, 2018

Vibrational Sound Association 6 Day Training


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Connie here
This week I am reporting (in 350 words or less?) on my 6 day training session last week with the Vibrational Sound Association.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve invested in myself by attending a minimum of three continuing education type energy healing/metaphysical training sessions every year.  Venues have included everything from land to cruise ship throughout North America, South America, the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe.  Topics have included the bizarre, the obscure, the profound, the not so profound.  All had varying degrees of information and illumination.

The Vibrational Sound Association was one of the most awesome ones I’ve ever attended.  It exceeded my expectations.

Venue was the Hampton Inn Suites in Hillard Ohio.  It should have been good, but it was dowdy, poorly situated – not near the Airport and not near any metaphysical shops or points of interest.  There were major issues not well handled by the staff.  But, getting passed all that…

Attendance was limited to 10 and over 300 singing bowls and assorted toys greeted us each morning.  The huge Manual was very detailed making  note taking unnecessary and allowing us two apply our full attention to learning hands on in class.

Creative and engaging techniques using water and balloons were used to show us the direction, strength and duration of vibration of the bowls when combined with the many different kinds of strikers.

We worked as partners, rotating partners with each session and received typical sound treatments.   As well, we were encouraged to create our own intuitive use and placement of the bowls with time provided to experiment with all the equipment  We created some pretty unique sessions!

The group of 10 meshed amazingly well.  There was no ego, and everyone was amazingly authentic.  The group included energy workers, massage therapist and music therapists.

After additional hands on work, students can become certified and be placed on the practitioner resource page.  Look for me there! 

VSA supports its graduates with lifelong significant discount on future purchases. It has a yearly trip to Thailand as well as a yearly USA convention-2018  in September in Nebraska.  It has its own warehouse and makes/sources his own bowls strikers and accessories.  It has an innovative and helpful staff.

The course appears time and money intensive but it won’t disappoint you.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Vibrational Sound Training - half way point!

This past week, I had the privilege of being one of 10 students taking the  6 day vibrational sound association certification course in Columbus Ohio. 

We have now hit the half way mark.
It’s been a real blast!  10 students, over 350 assorted singing bowls plus assorted gongs, chakra drums & other sound toys.  And mallets and strikers of all shapes & sizes.

There were the standard bowls that you would expect to find plus new innovative ideas like the halo – a bowl with a hole in the bottom.  It has many applications- place a knee or any sore joint through the hole and then when the bowl is struck, the vibrations from the bowl can penetrate the joint 360°.

We handled a wide variety of bowls to learn about the different kinds of bowls-cast, hammered and ancient.  As well, we had lots of hands on experience with different metals so as to understand when and why to use the different types -aluminum, bronze, brass or another.

Before learning any of the treatment techniques, we had to immerse ourselves in the understanding of the bowls even further.  Using various different strikers plus balloons and water, we visualized the way each bowl and mallet created vibrational waves and how the waves distributed themselves through air, bodies, tables and clothing.

Practicing the techniques on each other has just begun and the common descriptive word is W-O-W!!

Sessions are fabulous stress busters, done fully clothed, run 50 minutes, cost $70.

If you would like the WOW experience and live in the Columbus area or will be visiting the Columbus, do contact me Connie and  we’ll set up something convenient.

Watch for follow-up for an end report of the seminar conference in this blog over the next few days

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sedona Rocks! My afternoon in Sedona

Dear Healers and Seekers,

Connie here!
Sedona Rocks
How can I tell you about my Sedona May, 2018 trip in 350 words?
This is a summary of one day in Sedona – getting beyond the tourist experience. I did all the touristy things but I also took one afternoon just for me. So, I’ll share with you my sacred Sedona experience.

In one’s enthusiasm, it is easy to forget that no matter what time of year you visit, it is still the desert and the temperature will be in the 100 degree range -a challenge for many those who don’t handle heat well. Definitely dress for comfort!

Know that although Sedona is a huge tourist and metaphysical attraction, you will be accessing it through the Phoenix Airport. There are no flights from Phoenix to Sedona which are separated by a 2 hour car ride. You really do have to rent a car just to get there.
Once at Sedona there are no shortage of companies ready to take your money for tours and the like. I recommend the “road less traveled.” Steer clear of the publicized tours and outings -the un-air conditioned Pink Flamingo bus tours and off road jeep tours. They will certainly give you the touristy view of Sedona. I wanted more.

I hired a professional guide at a rate of $100 for the afternoon. Sounds pricey but really works out to the same or less than the commercial options once you add everything up. I told my guide to take me to where he meditated. My afternoon was spent in an air conditioned personal off road vehicle. We went deep into the red rocks and then deeper still. The air began to become dense and to vibrate as we began to enter deeper past the tourist zone. I noticed that the vibration “matched” that of my Parkinson’s and my tremoring was silenced at a very deep level. We went further still into red rocks and came to a stop where the air was so dense with vibration that the rocks actually hummed. The trees were grotesquely twisted and mangled from vortex energy. As I picked up some of the loose red rocks thinking to take one home with me, I was compelled to put them back where I had found them. I was overwhelmed with the sense that each one held the story of a native Indian who once lived there and removing the rock what would remove him from his birthright, his support system, and his family. It was an awesome and sacred experience.

We returned to “the real world” as the sun began to set, flooding the red rocks and turning them into a tapestry of maroon, silver, purple, blue and .more.

Take the road less travelled. There’s so much to see.