Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sedona Rocks! My afternoon in Sedona

Dear Healers and Seekers,

Connie here!
Sedona Rocks
How can I tell you about my Sedona May, 2018 trip in 350 words?
This is a summary of one day in Sedona – getting beyond the tourist experience. I did all the touristy things but I also took one afternoon just for me. So, I’ll share with you my sacred Sedona experience.

In one’s enthusiasm, it is easy to forget that no matter what time of year you visit, it is still the desert and the temperature will be in the 100 degree range -a challenge for many those who don’t handle heat well. Definitely dress for comfort!

Know that although Sedona is a huge tourist and metaphysical attraction, you will be accessing it through the Phoenix Airport. There are no flights from Phoenix to Sedona which are separated by a 2 hour car ride. You really do have to rent a car just to get there.
Once at Sedona there are no shortage of companies ready to take your money for tours and the like. I recommend the “road less traveled.” Steer clear of the publicized tours and outings -the un-air conditioned Pink Flamingo bus tours and off road jeep tours. They will certainly give you the touristy view of Sedona. I wanted more.

I hired a professional guide at a rate of $100 for the afternoon. Sounds pricey but really works out to the same or less than the commercial options once you add everything up. I told my guide to take me to where he meditated. My afternoon was spent in an air conditioned personal off road vehicle. We went deep into the red rocks and then deeper still. The air began to become dense and to vibrate as we began to enter deeper past the tourist zone. I noticed that the vibration “matched” that of my Parkinson’s and my tremoring was silenced at a very deep level. We went further still into red rocks and came to a stop where the air was so dense with vibration that the rocks actually hummed. The trees were grotesquely twisted and mangled from vortex energy. As I picked up some of the loose red rocks thinking to take one home with me, I was compelled to put them back where I had found them. I was overwhelmed with the sense that each one held the story of a native Indian who once lived there and removing the rock what would remove him from his birthright, his support system, and his family. It was an awesome and sacred experience.

We returned to “the real world” as the sun began to set, flooding the red rocks and turning them into a tapestry of maroon, silver, purple, blue and .more.

Take the road less travelled. There’s so much to see.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Attunements

New attunements
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Opening the Ascension Chakra
Open Ascentsion Chakra

Sacred Universal Healing Number Attunement
Universal Sacred Number  Attunement

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Lemurian DNA Healing Codes
Lemurian  DNA Healing Codes
Meditation / Attunement Video Quartet
Meditation/Attunement Quartet

Angels and Weight Loss Attunement
Angel Weight Loss

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Angel oracle cards Diane

Shhh… Are you listening? 

by Diane

In our busy, crazy lives, we all feel disconnected and lost at times.
 One of my favorite ways to feel more connected…is by communicating with my Angels. I do it everyday, throughout my day. 
And I always pause, quiet my mind and listen for their response. For me, it is not like having a live conversation with a store clerk. I usually prefer  to be in my quiet time to hear their messages clearly. I do not usually “see” my angels with my human eyes, yet I do at times sense a “presence”
I may be in meditation, out in nature, working in my garden ….or even in my dreams.
 But before we get in too deep, I need to mention that I always start and end my day by connecting to divine energy and getting grounded into the earth. (You can see articles on these topics on my blog at And, I want to emphasize that even though we do get scared/lost/overwhelmed etc…. we are always surrounded by Angels…. you are never alone! All you need to do is “Ask” for help… in any way that makes sense to you. 
The angels are always listening, but only take action when you ask for help. You can even ask for a message/sign/symbol like a feather, song, repeating numbers (11:11) or a rainbow if it calls to you. But be careful not to turn the into a game… or a need for cognitive proof. This is a sacred activity, that I rely on daily.
There are so many angels that I can talk about with you. Yes, we can talk to our Angels and interpret their responses. But for many, that can seem really tricky and even daunting at times. So, I will start with one of my first and still favorite decks of Angel Oracle Cards: “Messages From Your Angels” by Doreen Virtue. There is no need be afraid or intimidated by these tools. Using Oracle Cards is very safe.  They are easy to use and they communicate to you through images, words and your intuitive feelings. Yes, we all do have a sense of intuition or “gut” feeling. It is just a matter of acknowledging your intuition, practicing with this divine gift and learning to trust it.   
Here is an example of a card from the deck - Archangel Michael .  His message is “I am with you, giving you the courage to make life changes that will help you work on your Divine Life Purpose” 

This image is from my deck of oracle cards App on my iPhone. But you can also get them as physical, hold in your hands, cards. I have both kinds of decks. The ones on my phone are very convenient because they are always with me! I use them regularly to do readings for myself… as well as doing reading for clients. 
Just to clarify—Oracle Cards can be easier to start with than Tarot for some people (myself included). This was all new to  me and I needed to feel safe when I started. {Tarot cards are fine, too, if you have an interest. I, of course, started with Angel Tarot Cards!}
 Since I was initially feeling pulled in the direction of Angel Oracle Cards,  I jumped in and started to learn. Those of you who are already familiar with Oracle and Tarot can experiment with a variety of decks and digital or physical decks to see which ones meet your needs the best. You can also start by getting reading from others if you do not want to purchase your own decks. 
Angel Oracle Cards are always uplifting and positive with inspiration and guidance to support you on your unique path. These decks usually jump out (lol) and choose you. Just listen to your repetitive messages and what you are being called toward. If it doesn’t feel good to me, I just walk away. Once you choose a deck, it comes with instructions on how to use it. Familiarize yourself by looking at and touching each card so you see all the cards in your new deck. 
Before you use your deck to do a reading, you can clear the deck with an intention, prayer, selenite crystal etc. Look deep into the imagery, read the words on each card (as well as the information booklet) to get more familiar with the cards. After you practice using these cards on yourself, try them out on a friend or family member you trust. Or even do a card reading for your child/grandchild or pet. Enjoy this experience, and I hope it brings you peace, answers and insights for moving forward.  And remember, always Thank Your Angels!

Expect Magic and Miracles…Diane

Saturday, May 5, 2018

YOU are Special Event May 6,7, 2018


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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Magic Wands -Merlin, Harry Potter & Wizardry & Beyond

Magic Wands – Harry Potter, Wizardry and beyond

 When I say “Magic Wands”, no doubtedly fantastical images of days gone by spring into your mind.

Perhaps you envision days of  magic and mystery – Merlin from King Arthur’s court, knights saving damsels in distress by slaying dragons and other heroic deeds.

Perhaps you are of a more contemporary mindset- your mind conjuring up  pictures of Harry Potter and all the goings-on at Hogwarts.

Truthfully, wizardry was not/is not magic and the occult.It is simply for the most part a forgotten art.

In the days before electricity, hospitals and insurance programs it was  simply a necessary way of life. The wizard was learned in crystals, minerals, herb, seasons, and all things natural.  He was gifted in how to combine them – often with flamboyant ritual to accomplish his desired effect.

For example, think of the wizard and his staff.  This was usually ornate and decorated with many crystals.  To the average person this signified wealth and power. By pounding his staff three times on the ground, the people knew that the wizard was drawing heaven down to earth  -inviting the power of the heavens into what was to come.  As healers, we invite Spirit into our healing table –but with less fanfare.

Take a look and you’ll see that amethyst is heavily used in wands.  Those of us into crystals realize that amethyst stimulates the third eye which the wizard was trying to do in order to have full insight into the problem.  Today we often wear amethyst jewelry or put a piece of amethyst on a table or meditation spot for the same reason-so we become more intuitive and in tune with the spirit world, seeing hidden aspects of a problem.

Look again at pictures of wands. You’ll see that the directional point of the wand is usually something that looks like quartz.  It was quartz.  Crystal users today know that quartz is the universal magnifier.  Therefore putting quartz in strategic places on the wand, including on the directional pointer, would magnify everything that was placed on wand.

Look outside the box for all your answers and you’ll find nothing is really like it seems on the surface!


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Tuesday, November 28, 2017



My Journey with Parkinson’s Disease

I found myself in my early thirties with 2 young children, a husband and advanced Parkinson's Disease.
Stiff and shaky, I was often incontinent of urine, needed lots of help dressing.  It was an ordeal of momentous proportions to "get mother ready" just to move about the apartment - never mind to the car and out.  At night I drooled excessively and had to sleep standing up strapped against a wall in order to be able to breathe.

So I wailed out to the universe (not expecting an answer) "God, why do not you just take me now and quickly?!"  To my surprise and consternation, a reply came, "Because it's not time yet."

Bound, by the chains of Parkinson's, exhausted beyond words, feeling I had nothing to lose by carrying on this inane conversation with the voice of God, I replied, "So when is my time - and why can’t it be now??"
The voice replied, "It is not for you to know the time and it is not soon"

I replied, "But God, I'm a nurse.  I know that nobody ever gets cured of Parkinson's Disease - it only gets worse.  I cannot imagine continuing to live this way."

The result - silence from the great beyond.  In my irreverence, I thought that either I had stumped the Big Guy, or at least put Him in His place.  Fortunately, sanity and reverence kicked in.  I decided I did not have an answer because I had asked the wrong question.

So I queried, "God, how can You expect me to live like this.  You know that nobody has ever been cured of Parkinson's disease." 

 The voice responded, "Oh, really!"

I began listing famous people with Parkinson's - some still alive, others who had died with Parkinson's:  the Pope, Janet Reno, Mohammad Ali, Michael J. Fox, Mao Tse-tung, and others.  To this, the Voice responded "You're correct." My response was "So, if I cannot live with this and, if the rich and famous, with all their connections, cannot be cured, how do you expect me to be healed?"

In almost childlike simplicity and innocence, the very wizened voice responded, "Why cannot you be the first?" 
I said, "Fine God, make it happen".  The response - no instant miracle, but rather the start of a journey.
Almost a quarter of a century later, most people do not even realize that I have Parkinson's when they meet me for the first time.
 Many of the techniques on my website are ones that I've found, modified, learned in order to cope initially and then diminish the signs and symptoms of Parkinson's to where today they are barely noticeable.
Much of what is on has been a part of my healing process.  I believe that all things are possible, but some things just take longer than others. 

And my purpose for this writing is to share what has taken me a quarter of a century to learn with the hope that it can help others who may find themselves in "supposedly" impossible situations.


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Nov. 28      My Journey with Parkinson’s

Monday, November 27, 2017

Angelology and Trivia - the "angel chakra"

A Month of Angels
(final Monday)

The Angel Chakra

The “angel chakra” is an out of body chakra.
It is one of the new ascension chakras.

Chakras 12 and 13 are the chakras that facilitate communication with higher vibrational beings.  Your vibration is raised up and you can begin to communicate telepathically with other realms.
Frequently a few weeks before this happens you may be bothered by a screeching, buzzing or static in your ears.  This is just your “antennae” fine tuning to the source
To locate chakra#12, outstretch one of your arms such that your upper arm forms a line between your ear and third eye.
Just at the edge of your reach you will sense a pressure, static, or resistance to some kind.   This is chakra you are looking for. 

In meditation, sense, see, feel, perceive it opening larger and larger. As it becomes bigger and bigger, your communication with the angels will become stronger and stronger.

Attracting Angels

Attracting Angels

•       you may have Angels in your life and not know it or
        you may have angels in your life, know it and want more

Angels have creative ways of telling us they are near
Signs of Angelic Presence
•       peace of mind
        feelings of hope
        serendipity - fortunate coincidences
        favorable meet ups

Optimism – Keeping an “Angel Journal”
This not a journal recording Angels.  Rather it is a record of your journey into joy and thankfulness
.Joy, positive thinking, playfulness, thankfulness, creativity make an environment that is “angel friendly”.
Learn to see the glass as half-full not half empty.
Introduce some playtime into your life
Angels can best interact with you when you are not concentrating hard and focusing on certain object or thing. Becoming creative or playful creates an environment where angels can reside.

Some people will recognize the Angel journaling as ‘the
attitude of gratitude’ life journaling.
This is done using a special journal or computer document.
Choose a set time, usually on rising or retiring and set aside five minutes of undisturbed quiet time.  Just five minutes -it can be life changing.
Run your thoughts over your past day.
Now record three things in your journal.
(can be bullet points, paragraphs, sketches-whatever works for you)
These will be three things that made you happy.
The catch is that these things cannot cost you any money.
Some examples might be living without pain, the chance to take an afternoon nap, the gorgeous sunrise, the feeling of your child’s arms around you, living in safety, etc.
Do it daily.  Don’t “save it up and do it three days later as the mind can play tricks –Hind sight  gives things a different slant.
Do it written –not in your head – you need a record you can look back on.

Just do it. Don’t bother to look back at it for at least three weeks.
After that time, look back and see how much you have outweighs what you perceive it is that you lack

Imagination and Faith
imagination defined
the art and practice of producing ideal creations…
and forming clear mental images.
The future can be found here.
This the art of visualization
Imagination is the precursor to faith.
You visualize it and then you know it.

faith defined

the absolute certainty, and knowing without a shadow of doubt
if you know something, it is part of you.
Knowing leaves the door open to alternatives

Take action
Clarify one want or desire .Be very specific and detailed.
Visualize an Angel before you
Compose the following statement:
Angels, I am asking that ________, and stream of faith and positive energy that I have focused on this desire remain. constant and clear
Visualize it
Continue to pour positive thoughts toward it.
Imagine all the details of your Angel and what he is saying to you.
Now fly up with the Angel to the heavenly plane

Angel mail

An Angel is a messenger between heaven and earth.
Asking an Angel starts the process getting your request from Earth to heaven
Angel mail involves putting your special request on a piece of paper.
Craft carefully, seal it and then “mail it” by putting it a special place like bible or jewelry box.
You must address it to the appropriate Angel. If you don’t know who that is, you something like the following:
To highest angel of prosperity please your request here
For the highest and best good of all concerned
Express thanks
If there are persons who might block or interfere with this request, write a letter to their guardian angel
and ask that anything that might block your progress person be removed.
As with your mail, seal it and mail it.
As the process is over ending feel free to be open and receive intuitive directions for action or a feeling of peace and that all is well.

Angel Cards
These are an excellent way to learn to hear the angels in your life.
Decks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just pictures. Others have names and phrases on them.
Simply be & quiet centered and focused and ask for that is what you desire. Or you can ask the angels to show you what you need to know and they will pick the focus of the reading.
Pick up the deck
Hold it over your heart
Say  “for the highest and best good of all concerned”
Now pick a card – the card that seems right to you – not necessarily the top card.
Turnover and you will find the answer or the action be taken for your life today.
This card of the day or you can do it monthly for card of the month or situational.
Another popular way of placing the cards to draw three, place them up in front of you.  The first card represents the past,
The second card represents Now/the present.  The third card represents the future- what will happen continue the same way you are going now.
Remember The past is the past.  The present is the present.
The future is the future only if you don’t change the present. So nothing is carved in stone. If you don’t like the future just change the present.

Making a declaration is a formal way of making what it is you want known.
It is a “call to action” to your angels
If words are not your forte, some examples are given below
1.   Dear Aangels (and other interested higher parties)  including myself I will be the long, healthy, and prosperous life. I will create peace and harmony, and I will be blessed with the grace of happiness
I will follow through with my lifework (describe) the come to pass with success and abundance. (List your goals, achievements and rewards you desire). I will release any fear, worry, and attachment that is holding me back I will be open to the gift of the universe. My work will be for the highest good in the universe. My thoughts are now replaced with loving thought of abundance. 
2.  Dear Angels, I am asking over the following situations and work about the highest good
money anxiety
health issue
disagreement with ______
car troubles
Thank you angels for taking over these situations. Thank you for finding the highest solutions and guiding me in pursuit of higher ground without petty worries.
Check back on your declarations every once in a while.  See where you have been strong and congratulate yourself.  Where you have not been so successful encourage yourself

Bed Angel Time Review
Take 5-10 minutes before you retire & do a mental review of your day,
Release any remaining negativity-anger. worry, stress
Give your up coming sleeping hours over to the angels – asking them that they keep you safe and that you wake up refreshed.

Color & Sound
Angels like very light colors-white, pale blue, mauve, pink..They also like shiny things so be sure to use lots of silver and gold.  Incorporate these colors as much as you can into your wardrobe and your décor.
They are also very fond of high light sounds.  A wind chime, or a tinkling bell would be helpful. Also light airy music – instrumental – no words.

Implement as many of these techniques as you can to your lifestyle. Change it will not happen “zap, boom, you’re done” But over the span of a month or so you will see a dramatic change in the way in which you communicate with higher vibrational beings and angels

Based on the book “Messengers of Light” by Terry Lynn Taylor.