Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Art of Allowing Diane Faist

The Art of Allowing!
~ by Diane 

November is focusing on Angel Arielle. This information is from the deck (Messages from your Angels, Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue), “New psychic and spiritual experiences are changing the way you view the world and yourself. Allow your spiritual gifts to open…through study, prayer and meditation. ”

Angel Arielle is helping you to relax into who you really are at the core. You really do have spiritual “superpowers”. Maybe you have strong intuition or a deep inner knowing about life. We each have our own unique gifts. Since you are feeling called to reach out and stretch your awareness, your experiential learning is growing exponentially. This is happening because you are asking about angels and your life purpose. Hooray, how exciting! Do not worry or stress over this. Remember these are spiritual gifts. You are amazing inside and out. These abilities are for you and to share with others. This will all happen naturally. Just be in the flow of the energy. 
The angels will help you make additional connections via teachers, books, classes etc. to further your learning and deepens your experiences. All of this will help you to increase your confidence in your spiritual connections and abilities. The earth needs you to shine bright and share your gifts. Connect to divine love and light. Get grounded and connected to your purpose daily. And often multiple times a day. Set your intention each day to send beams of pure love and light energy to those in need. This can be an individual person, plant, animal, place or situation. If you practice this healing energy with others, it increases the power and potency.

I refer to this new way of living in the current day and age, as the Art of Allowing! It is no longer productive to over-think everything in our minds. I’m not sure it ever did really help. But most of us were raised in a time of you need to work hard, or put in your time, and plan everything out ahead of time.  While there still may be times for this in life, school, career etc. where your mind is in the drivers seat of life— I have found on my spiritual journey, that by always putting my heart first and trusting my intuition/gut feeling that my life just clicks into place with grace and ease. 
Focus on what is most important to you! Have more fun. Be Silly. Practice the Art of Allowing and the Universe will guide your path of discovery full of joyful adventure. The rest will fall into place. We have a lot more positive impact than we realize.  Thank you, Angels, for all your assistance.

Abundant Blessings to you and yours… Diane Faist

You ave a Natural Gift! Diane Faist

Amid Angels; October 2018

You have a natural gift for helping people through comfort and inspiration. 
~ by Diane

 October is focusing on Angel Akasha. This information is from the deck (Messages from your Angels, Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue), “You are a spiritual teacher. You have the ability to counsel others and help them awaken their spiritual gifts and Divine life mission.”

Angel Akasha wants you to know that you have already helped many people, just by being you. Now is the time to stretch yourself and reach even more people. Just close your eyes and take several deep breaths, do not stress over this. Your heart will communicate with you to let you know if the next steps will be through speaking, writing, art, music or something else. Just play with these ideas and have some fun.
Notice if you are being drawn to an age group: teenagers, seniors, children or adults with addictions? Maybe a cause keeps calling out to you: animals, literacy, the homeless or another area? These are simply a few choices from a plethora of options. Are you hearing any receptive messages? Do you feel called to certain areas? This is not an accident. Please pay attention. The Universe/Spirit/Divine is calling to you, Are you listening?

Hmm… Do you even see yourself as a spiritual teacher? Some of you already feel this calling, For others, this may still be revealing itself to you. Have you given much thought to how this is actually going to happen? No worries… Maybe you easily relate to large groups of people. Or you could be someone who feels more comfortable communicating one on one. Either way, you can easily guide and direct others to their strengths one step at a time. The best way to begin is by daydreaming about what you enjoy. Or maybe nighttime dreams reveal a lot or bring up a lot of questions. All of this is fine. It is simply like tilling the soil before you plant the seeds. Focus on what you love and let go of all the details. Overthinking the details just slows the process. 

Regardless of where you end up when you begin, it is always the right place. Think of yourself like a sailboat in the wind, literally going with the flow of the current. With your support, you are helping others to uncover and polish their hidden skills, talents and abilities. And of course this is helping you, too. Many times we need to be at peace and operate in the ‘flow’ to really connect with our creativity. To follow this path, you need to regularly dedicate time and effort to reaching these aspirations. The best part is, you are already on this path. Just keep moving forward. 

Reach out to me for a free connect call. I will help you tune into your gifts and help others.

Expect Magic and Miracles… Diane

Come from Your Heart...Diane Faist

Come from your heart and dream big. You can have all your wishes come true
~ by Diane 

In December, I am focusing on Angel Astara. This information is from the deck (Messages from your Angels, Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue), “You deserve the best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires, and don’t compromise.”

You may be doing a lot of wondering and questioning these days. More than your normal amount. That is ok, please no judgment. And this is not all in your imagination. You are reading this article for a very important reason. You have gifts that go way beyond those we are taught in school. Angel Astara will help you with grace and ease to accept your strengths and abilities as a heavenly gift Because that is what they are. These are not new gifts, you have had them your entire life. But you are now at a time and place to accept these abilities and deepen your understanding of them. This is a beautiful awareness. Take it one step at a time. Be mindful of who you discuss these abilities with— choose only those that you deeply trust. Have a lot of fun with this experience. Ask the angels to help you adjust to these divine abilities to process information for you and for others if you choose. 

Moving forward into 2019, the energy is actually getting lighter and easier to manage if you allow it. Ask for angelic support as you enter the surrender, faith, flow, trust system of maneuvering through your life every day.

Reach out to me for a free connect call and I’ll help you reach for the stars~

Expect Magic and Miracles… Diane

Sunday, November 4, 2018

one on one with Connie


Connie brings numerous certificates plus life experience together.  She works with her angels and the Divine in order to see you succeed & overcome.  Meetings can be live in Columbus Ohio or anywhere in the world in a private zoom video conference room.
Soul’s Calling:
Don’t know where you’re supposed to be & what you’re supposed to be doing – just that where you’re at isn’t it?  Let Connie use her intuitive gift to zone in on your life path and direct you along the way.

Teaching or Mentoring:
Whether you’re looking for a casual self improvement class or for serious mentoring along a business path, Connie’s vast experience as a master teacher and mentor we’ll help you get on your way.  Classes include metaphysics (Runes, pendulums, cards, psychic development, angels, crystals, aura, chakra, metaphysical business starts, handwriting analysis, mandelas, past lives and more-just ask)  Healing training is available in over 30 modalities including Chios, Quantum Touch, Reiki (Usui, Practical, Hawaiian, Power), Color.

Get clarity, confirmation and illuminated answers in a meeting with Connie.  Combine pendulum, runes, angels, color, cards (over2 dozen different decks to choose from), animal totems, handwriting analysis, numerology, astrology, viewing of your aura (guides, ancestors, angels and more).  Get an in depth, illuminated reading to guide you on your way.

Whether distant or live, Connie employs powerful energy healing techniques tailored to your needs.   Let Connie create a session just for you.  Or create your own from matrix, quantum touch, spirit releasement, chakra balancing, reiki, munay-ki, marconics, leShan and any of the two dozen other on Connie’s list. 

Open Consultation:
Don’t know exactly what you want or need?
Book a one on one session with Connie and let her guide the session in the way most suited to your needs-a combination of healing, reading, insights and more.

Rates: $70/hour ($40/ half hour)   amidangels@gmail.com

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Powerful, NO COST Addition to your tool kit!

Some times we get all wound up in gizmos and gadgets - crystals, wands, heated deluxe massage tables- we over look the obvious.

Our most powerful tool is absolutely free and doesn't need to be lugged about and be set up and taken down.

Our most powerful tool is Source itself cursing through us as clear, pure channels.

I discovered a twist on a well known technique that can  be used any time, any where with remarkable results.  You can perform it on yourself or others.

You are no doubt familiar with a meditation, protection, clearing or healing method in which you envision a white cloud above the head and then pull it down into the body,

I invite you to try this again - with 2 changes.

-Have the white cloud high above the head
-Envision a spot approximately 18 inches above your crown.
-You will sense the spot is there. It is your soul chakra.

-Place a white cloud high above your head
-Pull the white light down from the cloud and as it reaches the 18 inch spot, envision that 18 inch spot being a funnel,
-Now pull the white light down to this funnel, forcing it into a narrow stream
This narrow rod will now travel through the centre the body, through each chakra cleansing and repairing each chakra on its way to exiting into the ground.

-Assess your own state or your client state, 
Perhaps you are anxious?
-In this case imagine the white cloud above your head just as before but this time place and the letters P-E-A-C=E  in the cloud.
-Now as you draw the white cloud down to the funnel, the"peace"will also come and penetrate each chakra on its way to exiting and into the ground
you can put any word in the cloud and drop it through the chakras.

Put in Joy, Validation, Health or whatever your need is at the time.

This is a very powerful technique. It is free and easy to do.
It can be a great benefit to your client and will take your business up a notch.


Angel Answers- Diane Illuminated Answers byn Diane

Amid Angels; September 2018

I am leading you to the 

answers to your prayers

                                                                                      ~ by Diane

This month I am focusing on Angel Adriana. The message from this deck (Messages from your Angels, Oracle Cards — by Doreen Virtue) is “Please listen to and follow the steps I am communicating  through your intuition, thoughts and dreams.” 

Angel Adriana wants you to know that your prayers have been heard and the angels are glad you have asked them to help you.

As we talked earlier, the angels only help you if you ask for their help (unless it is an emergency). The way that they answer your prayers is often by giving you strong and repetitive guidance that leads you to follow the steps toward your higher self’s will. Really tune in and pay attention to thoughts and feelings, vivid visions, dreams, angel numbers or auditory messages urging you to take action or make some changes.

You are not making this up. You are not going crazy. Lol… Often these steps are literally and energetically moving you upward and onward. This could be in your love life, your career or education or your health. Money is also a big concern for many people. The most important message here is to “allow” it to all fall into place naturally. Spill your hearts desires to the angels, and then just let it go! Do NOT get too fixated on trying to control all the details of ‘HOW’ this is all going to happen (who, what, where, when, why…) with your ego. Trust that you will be safe and protected while you follow this divine guidance. Because you will be safe. Together, you and the angels will work together to create your answered prayers. You will be so pleased with how it turns out. It will be much lovelier than you ever imagined it… 

Remember to slow down, get grounded and connected to love and light. These steps need to become a regular habit and a routine. It will make everything else in your life easier. When you are calm and at peace you can really start to ‘hear’ these quiet messages that much easier. When you hit the pause button in life for a moment, notice what is around you: listen, watch, hear and touch. Maybe even taste. What are you aware of? Take notice. Consider carrying a small notebook to jot things down in. 

If you come across a time or place when you are not getting the clear answers you desire, do not despair. 

Maybe you need to sleep on it and give the clear message a little more time to develop. Or, you can do a review of your life and you may find a repetitive message that you have been ignoring.  Hmm… I wonder what that means? Just sit with that awhile and let the message sink in. You can also ask the angels to communicate again in a new way that is more direct yet loving, kind and clear so you will not miss the message. 

There are many ways to search for answers. You can also draw cards from an Angel Oracle Deck like the one we are using in this article. 

We are all unique. Some people enjoy traditional meditation or yoga for centering and getting present in order to get their answers. Some like powerful instrumental music. Others enjoy physical activity like running to get into their deep connection time. Experiment and find your way. It is very well worth the effort

 Just make sure that when ‘crazy’ things in life start to happen with people or situations, don’t just assume it is your fault or all because of you. Many times it may feel that way, but the other person or situation is the one making this adjustments. You are just picking up on it and assuming this feeling is yours. Guess what, most of the time it belongs to someone else. Just work on taking care of your energy and cleaning up anything that does not really feel genuine to you. I am sending many abundant angel blessings to you and yours.

Expect Magic and Miracles… Diane