Sunday, November 4, 2018

one on one with Connie


Connie brings numerous certificates plus life experience together.  She works with her angels and the Divine in order to see you succeed & overcome.  Meetings can be live in Columbus Ohio or anywhere in the world in a private zoom video conference room.
Soul’s Calling:
Don’t know where you’re supposed to be & what you’re supposed to be doing – just that where you’re at isn’t it?  Let Connie use her intuitive gift to zone in on your life path and direct you along the way.

Teaching or Mentoring:
Whether you’re looking for a casual self improvement class or for serious mentoring along a business path, Connie’s vast experience as a master teacher and mentor we’ll help you get on your way.  Classes include metaphysics (Runes, pendulums, cards, psychic development, angels, crystals, aura, chakra, metaphysical business starts, handwriting analysis, mandelas, past lives and more-just ask)  Healing training is available in over 30 modalities including Chios, Quantum Touch, Reiki (Usui, Practical, Hawaiian, Power), Color.

Get clarity, confirmation and illuminated answers in a meeting with Connie.  Combine pendulum, runes, angels, color, cards (over2 dozen different decks to choose from), animal totems, handwriting analysis, numerology, astrology, viewing of your aura (guides, ancestors, angels and more).  Get an in depth, illuminated reading to guide you on your way.

Whether distant or live, Connie employs powerful energy healing techniques tailored to your needs.   Let Connie create a session just for you.  Or create your own from matrix, quantum touch, spirit releasement, chakra balancing, reiki, munay-ki, marconics, leShan and any of the two dozen other on Connie’s list. 

Open Consultation:
Don’t know exactly what you want or need?
Book a one on one session with Connie and let her guide the session in the way most suited to your needs-a combination of healing, reading, insights and more.

Rates: $70/hour ($40/ half hour)