Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Mother's Call

A Mother's Call

I take this life You loaned me
And give her back to You.
I’ve done all that I’ve been called to
And now it’s up to You.

I place her fully
In Your loving care.
Watch, guide and keep her
Here and everywhere.

Give her strength and wisdom
And guide her in Your way.
Love, instruct and keep her
Safe – both night and day.

Form her vessel wholly
As it was meant to be.
I give her now entirely
Over to You from me.

For my daughter
Angelica Praise Dohan

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Colors of Autumn

Celebrate Autumn!

Slow down...take a walk outside

The colors of autumn
-boost your self esteem
-bolster your confidence
-direct you to your life's purpose/soul's calling
-infuse you with vim, vigor and vitality
Pretty good deal for a five minute walk!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Got 30 seconds? Change your Life!

Whether we know it or not, we all practice the rite of “book ending” our days.
In simpler terms, book ending is  how we start & end our day.
The following scenarios are all familiar to each of us in one way or another:
  • Get out on the wrong side of the bed, have a rotten day, go to bed grumpy.
  • Grab a cigarette while rolling out of bed in the morning, smoke all day, one last cigarette before going to bed.
  • Curse the morning alarm clock, grumble all day, go to bed unfulfilled.
Thirty seconds (I timed it) of time per day can radically change your life if you let it.
FIRST THING in the morning, while rolling out of bed, open your arms & say (out loud or silently) – God, this day is yours.   (Or something similar as suits your personality). (Spirit I'm yours today - use me).  (Unto Thee dear Lord, I commit the day).  (I give this day & everything in it You, God).  You needn’t be flashy or ecclesiastical & get all tongue tied with Thees & Thous.  Keep it simple!  And remember to make your mouth do it, regardless of how the rest of your body feels.

LAST THING at night as you roll into bed, close your hands together & say (out loud or silently) God, the night is Yours.  (Or, whatever suits your personality) (Unto Thee, I commit my spirit) (Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep…)  

It literally takes 15 seconds in the morning & 15 seconds at night.  No matter how swamped we are or where we are with our abundant lives, 30 seconds is “do-able”.  And you will be surprised at how much of a difference there is in  the "middle" of your day  when you take care of the "book ends" in a positive manner.
Unto Thee, O Lord,
I commit this day –
In my work and
In my play,
It’s Yours.
In all the bustle,
All the noise,
All the sorrows,
All the joys
It’s Yours.
Take the minutes
And the hours,
Fill them with
Your holy power.
They’re Yours.
Take everything
I say and do.
Make them count,
Dear Lord, for You.
Unto Thee, O Lord
I commit my spirit.
The night looms long.
But I no longer fear it.
Take my spirit,
Hold it tight.
Carry me safely
Through the night.
‘til once more
Day’s sun shines through
And I can give
The new day to You.
connie dohan 1993

Friday, October 19, 2012

Angel Humor

 Angel Humor
As you get to know angels and angel energy, you will find angels have quite a sense of humor, often quite dry.  Because they have never had a human body, they do not understand any of our idioms and often take us at our word literally. 
One of my favorite examples of this would be Matt’s first encounter with angels.  I had been encouraging Matt for some time about the existence of angels and their presence in his life. He was of the “I believe, but show me” mindset.
He travelled often with work.  During one evening of one trip, travelling through the hills of Virginia, he was feeling especially despondent and gloomy.  He decided to try calling out to the angels as I had suggested. He said out loud “All right angels in the back seat of the car – I cannot see you, but Connie says you’re there.  I just need some sign – a light at the end of the tunnel here.” 
Sure enough, the next mountain tunnel he went through, he saw a Bud Lite beer truck on the side of the road. Literally, there was “Light” (Lite) at the end of the tunnel.