Monday, May 25, 2015

a VERY Powerful No-Cost Technique to Add to Your Healing Took Kit

Some times we get all wound up in gizmos and gadgets - crystals, wands, heated deluxe massage tables- we over look the obvious.

Our most powerful tool is absolutely free and doesn't need to be lugged about and be set up and taken down.

Our most powerful tool is Source itself cursing through us as clear, pure channels.

I discovered a twist on a well known technique that can  be used any time, any where with remarkable results.  You can perform it on yourself or others.

You are no doubt familiar with a meditation, protection, clearing or healing method in which you envision a white cloud above the head and then pull it down into the body,

I invite you to try this again - with 2 changes.

-Have the white cloud high above the head
-Envision a spot approximately 18 inches above your crown.
-You will sense the spot is there. It is your soul chakra.

-Place a white cloud high above your head
-Pull the white light down from the cloud and as it reaches the 18 inch spot, envision that 18 inch spot being a funnel,
-Now pull the white light down to this funnel, forcing it into a narrow stream
This narrow rod will now travel through the centre the body, through each chakra cleansing and repairing each chakra on its way to exiting into the ground.

-Assess your own state or your client state, 
Perhaps you are anxious?
-In this case imagine the white cloud above your head just as before but this time place and the letters P-E-A-C=E  in the cloud.
-Now as you draw the white cloud down to the funnel, the"peace"will also come and penetrate each chakra on its way to exiting and into the ground
you can put any word in the cloud and drop it through the chakras.

Put in Joy, Validation, Health or whatever your need is at the time.

This is a very powerful technique. It is free and easy to do.
It can be a great benefit to your client and will take your business up a notch.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Angel "Certification"


My Angel Certification

To me seeing angels everywhere is the norm; not to see them would be abnormal.

As I daily walked with real angels, people started asking me questions.  As I answered, more and more people came. While totally confident in my angel messages, answers and pictures, as an energy worker, I knew there were numerous “angel training / certification” programs in the world. I decided that it would be the proper and responsible thing for me to complete a good one – the sooner the better.

Yikes - well over $2,000!!  Well surely Spirit would provide! So I sat at my kitchen table, bank book and different angel course registration forms in front of me and began juggling accounts about in an attempt to find some workable solution to my “angel certification” dilemma.

Totally engrossed in what was becoming an increasingly difficult problem, a voice I innately knew as the voice of God said out loud, “What are you doing?”

“Trying to figure out how to become angel certified.” I replied without missing a beat.

“I can certify you.” replied the Voice.

“You can?” I said incredulously.

“Certainly – I created them and I can certify you in them.” the Voice responded in a matter of fact tone.

‘’But what about all the cherubim, the seraphim and all the Thee’s and Thou’s and names I cannot begin to pronounce?” I gasped.

A gentle warm chuckle spread though the room as the Voice said back to me “Get with it woman!  While acknowledging all these things, this is the 21st century! I’ve got angels for computers and all sorts of gizmos you guys have not even invented yet!! I have angels with names foreign to you.  I also have angels with names like Gregory (seer) and Andrew (strong) and Joy. These ‘every day’ angels have much to offer.”

“OK“ I said, “Show me.”

So began a marvelous and on-going adventure.

*since the writing of this article, I have become a certified Realm Reader (Doreen Virute) and was a finalist in the Reader's Choice Awards (Angel Inuit category).

Friday, April 24, 2015

My Special Angel

My Special Angel

Although I have seen many, many angels, this un-named one is dear to my heart and she appears in many variations of color and theme in almost everything I do.

          I get many questions about her – especially why I do not make her "fluffy and angel-like".
The answer is simple. She appeared this way!

One afternoon, I took a nasty fall. Carrying a full load of laundry, I could not see that the next step - second from the top - had a carton of Mountain Dew on it.  I flipped over the case and fell head long down the full flight of stairs.  I was alone, badly shaken and could not call out for help or reach a phone.

Just as my head was hitting the wall at the bottom of the stairs I felt a “cushion” materialize to break my fall. Looking up, I saw that it was not a cushion but part of the raiment of the hugest heavenly being I could ever imagine.  All facial features were obliterated by an unearthly white light; the hair was every color yet colorless.  As well the raiment and wings were a kaleidoscope of every texture, color and experience in earth and heaven.  No earthly words can capture the splendor. 

          The angel quite matter-of-factly appeared, picked me up, dusted me off and sent me on my way without so much as a scratch or a bruise to show for the incident. A sprinkling of laundry all over the room was the only testament to the fact that something had gone awry.  I was stuck in a time warp.  The incident seemed to last forever but at the same time was timeless and transpired in just a moment of time.

The angel did not give a name and I did not think to ask. So now, I just fondly say “my angel” or “Connie’s angel”.

Some angels may be "light and fluffy" but a big strong one suits me just fine

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Who Am I? How did I get to I where I am? Where am I going? How do I get there from here?

Who Am I?  How did I get to I where I am?
Where am I going? How do I get there from here?
Hmm….think about it…

If you are:
-feeling “different” or ”distant” from family or friends
-are not holding the same interests you once held
-needing less sleep than you used to
-just antsy or restless
-just can’t figure out why you’re here
-feel like time is just flying by,
you are probably experiencing “Ascension” or “The Shift”     

Below is the energetic answer. You might have to read it more than once to get your mind around it. But if you “get it”, it can be life changing.

You are energy. Words are energy. Thoughts are energy.

Each of us is born with a very unique energy pattern or energy signature as it is sometimes called. We are each divinely and wondrously created in this uniqueness to fulfil a specific purpose (soul’s calling).

When that energy signature becomes contaminated or altered, we can no longer do that which we are called to in the way that we were called to do it.

Very early on, we unconsciously allow others to make changes to that signature. This alters our authentic self and starts our journey away from who we are, our uniqueness, and why we are called to be here.

For example, if in my unique energy signature, I am sitting  merrily drawing purple snow flakes and Someone comes along and says to me “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know snowflakes are not purple?”
The correct response is to reply ”No I didn’t know snow flakes were not purple” and to carry on drawing my purple snow flakes if I wanted.

Instead I receive the idea/the energy signature that there is something wrong with me because I don't know that horses aren’t purple.

I allow this belief this energy signature into my unique energy signature that I came to earth with. This alters my energy signature/pattern and takes me away from that which I was created to do. It also puts a blockage in my pathway and my journey back to the heart of God.

From very early on we allow others to place their beliefs and their energy patterns (“thin is good”, “doctors are more important than bakers”, “math is more important than singing”, “women do the sewing”, plus countless little and large pieces of energy that we don’t even consciously know that we are receiving) into ours thus corrupting the unique energy pattern that is each one of us. 

These foreign energy signatures form blockages in our own energy signature. They prevent us from being our authentic selves; knowing our authentic selves: living our authentic lives and walking authentically on our life’s journey, the path to our soul’s purpose and our reunion with the heart of God.

I will be presenting a number of classes through Reiki Awakening Academy: Online School for Intuitive Development which will give you tools to locate your authentic self as well as foster it and get you back on the path to your return to the heart of God.

Think about it. These changes are made mostly on an unconscious level.   You are energy. Words are energy. Thoughts are energy.  

 Your energy needs some cleaning and repair.

Check in regularly during the month of May at this website or at

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's easier than you thought to write a book and get it out there.


an excerpt from the Reiki Awakening Academy newsletter 21 April 2015
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Do you have a book in you?

Connie has written 13 books! Talk about prolific! Talk about an expert! You're talking about Connie!

People often think that it's expensive to write a book, or that it's hard to get a book published. And, if you do write a book, it's hard to promote.
None of these is true. 

Connie has decided to share what she's learned in her journey of self-publishing, and is offering RAA students this informative free class called How to Write a Book and Get it Out There. 

In the class, she'll explain all the steps you need to write and publish your book and get it automatically listed on Amazon without cost. She'll tell you how to make sure it's commercial-ready, and why writing it is an important step in promoting your business, products, or practice. You'll learn from an expert.

And, because Connie has just published her 13th book, Advanced Auras and Chakras: Keeping it Simple, you'll also get to hear her share some excerpts from it.

To make the class even more awesome, Connie has said that all participants will receive a discount code for her new book AND the first six people (or maybe more, if you know Connie!) who arrive will receive a free reading based on Connie’s intuitive viewing of their chakra system.
AND we will raffle off a copy of her book for one lucky person in attendance!
There will be additional surprises and freebies too - yes, it's a class and a book launch party all in one!

Yay, RAA! We're celebrating Spring!

The class will be on Tuesday, May 5th at 7 pm EST. Register soon to save your spot.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hospice Training, Dying, the Death Angel

The Angel of Death

In times gone by, community and extended family were the norm. Family members participated in birthing as well as dying.  

In today's age, the extended family no longer exists and the community is very fractured. We no longer naturally experience birth or dying in a natural way.

What used to be the norm we now take lessons for and courses as well.  We try to separate ourselves from the actual death  part of life by fancy arrangements so that we don't actually have to deal with the death and dying.

Reiki Awakening Academy is currently offering a fabulous set of online hospice classes with a Hospice Companion Certificate upon completion. So I thought the timing would be right to discuss the death Angel in the blog.

click here for hospice classes

Death and dying has received a bum rap. Those who have experienced and related their life after death experiences do not report terror and damnation. They report amazing light and love. I add my voice to theirs.

Let ME be a Light to you
On your darkened road.
Let ME be a Light for you –
Help you bear your load.
As your night grows darker,
Know that I am here.
I can make your darkness Light
And take away your fear.

As your evening turns to night,
Let Me be your Light.
Let me wrap you in My arms –
Hold you  through the night.

Let Me take your darkness
And turn it into day
Let  Me be a Light for you
Show you a better way.

DO NOT FEAR your final breath.
Know that I am near.
Death is but a doorway
To get you over here.

As your night grows longer,
And you cannot last,
Let us walk together
Through death’s door at last.

Let Me turn your night to day
So you will clearly see
This not the end – but the start
Of life in eternity.

I can make your darkness day
Take away the fear.
Let Me show you a better way -
Know that I am near.

It is said that angels Jibril, Mikkhiel and Israel watch over the dying.

ArchAngel Azrael (sometime seen spelled as Azriel) is the Death Angel.  He separates the soul from the body and receives the spirit.

He is  depicted in many ways in many cultures but as far as I can determine, his distinguishing feature is that his halo appears to be more up right - like at ninety degree angle to the normal horizontal.

In my experience, the oval ring also looks more like a solid upright plate.  To me it looks like the Time Chakra (the first out of body chakra) (the chakra about 6" above the crown) is upended...possibly signifying the end of time as we know it.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Earth Angel Realm Readings -What , How, Why ,Where SAMPLE REPORTS

t's  the buzz all about?
What is an earth angel, why does he/she need a realm & why should anyone bother?

Let's step back to the beginning.

Earth Angel Realms is the newest (and hugely popular) book from Doreen Virtue.  She is probably best known for her many varied angel card decks.  You may have seen them.   You may even own a deck yourself.

Her book her book is supported by a home self-study course for those who wish to become a certified Realm Reader. (I took the course and became certified if anybody is interested in a reading).

In her book, she presents a description of the personality related, behavioural, and physical characteristics of earth angels.

Armed with this information, can identify where you fit in and you will understand how you react the way you do and why you react the way you do in areas of love, money, appearance. It will also give you a clear guidance as to your soul's purpose in life's calling.

She gives four core realms and eight blended realms plus allows for space if you feel you don't fit any of them.

This is an excellent tool to have in one's to spiritual and metaphysical toolbelt. You can do quick 2 to 3 minute verbal assessments at parties or you can give a full sitdown report (live or distant) with written report for $35.

Can you guess which one you are?
The core realms
-incarnate angels
-incarnate elementals
-star people
-wise ones

blended realms and hybrids
-Mystic angels
-knights paladin and Galactic Knights
-Aladdin genies
-incarnated cherubs
-mystic stars and cosmic angels
-mer people
-evolving soul or shape shifter

meet up 17th March (Tuesday)
the first half-watch some of  Doreen Virtue's video and discover which realm you belong to.
Second half-receive angel card readings and learn how to give angel card readings 



½  incarnated elemental,   ½  star people     but can be any mix
(You are more than likely 2/3 incarnated elemental    1/3 star people)
The Incarnated Elemental sub group you would fall into would be the Earth Elementals – Elves, Gnomes, Brownies, Dryads, Durdalis, Earth Spirits, Hamadryads, Pans, Pygmies, Sylvestres and Satrys.

Eyes -mischievous
Like to dress in geens & russets
Bodies tend to rotundity
Can be big boned
Some what shorter than average
Hair worn straight
Hair is red or auburn tinged
Don’t wear make up
Plainly dressed - not style conscious
Thin eyebrows
Tend to carry excess weight
Low self esteem (due to weight issues)

Task oriented, not people oriented
Very sensitive
Peace loving, non-competitive-even sports or tv news
Works alone
Dreams of being on another planet
Sensitive to energy
Socially awkward in large groups
Tends to be a loner & can sense loneliness in others
Can have HUGE tempers

Purpose (Best Career Path)
Protector of environment & animals
Healer with plants/nature
Sensitivity to others makes them ideal small group hostesses
Ability to sense others makes them ideal counselors (relationship/marital)

Relationship strain due to money issues
Watch that temper!
Not comfortable socially
Marry later
Have children later or not at all
Need to put effort into spending quality time with partner



An angel that has taken on human form for a lifetime in order to complete its mission.

Big boned
Eyes    love, sweetness, innocence
Lightens hair – highlights or bleaches
Beautiful heart shaped face

Loves angels – angel jewelry, angel clothes, angel d├ęcor, angel books
Often hears “You’re such an angel”
100% Helpful -& giver     deflects help & gifts for self
Happy, warm, endearing
Good social skills – best 1/1
Can be prone to weight issues and is sensitive about body image.
Sensitive to harsh energies- copes by addictions to sugar & processed flour
Only wants to see light.
Unconsciously remembers angelhood and now can feel inadequate when unable to “fix” things instantly
Says “I’m sorry” even when it’s not her fault
Has the gift of the gab and can talk 1/1 with anyone
Talkative – especially comfortable talking about feelings
“Good” girls –likes to know the rules and follow them. Strives for As on report cards
“Rescuers “ in relationships
Can have low self esteem due to excess weight

Professional helpers and happiest when helping others.
Happiest in careers or hobbies related to
       Social worker
       Flight attendant
       Healing 1 on 1
       Organizations that make a difference (follows rules, hard worker)
       Self employed

Loves to talk     has looong phone calls 
Wants feelings explored above solutions found
“Rescuers” – often have relationships with those that should be clients
Loyal       stay in bad relationships    painful breakups
See the good in every one….can “fix” anyone

Shield in healthy way

       White light
              This invokes the angels around you to surround you without interruption.  The angels protect you and they ensure that you are always guarded.
Kathryn Robinson       Pink light
              This is the light to invoke if you are with a negative person who is obsessed with their problems.  The pink light sends loving energy toward everyone that talks with you.  It simultaneously sends loving energy inward toward yourself.  Nothing can penetrate this pink shield except loving thoughts and energies.
       Emerald Green light
              See or feel surrounded by this light when ever you want to heal some imbalance in your physical body.  Your body absorbs this light wherever it needs healing.
       Purple light
              Imagine yourself shrouded in royal purple light which elevates your spiritual frequency enabling you to rise above problems and content the highest level of divine guidance.  Further, the light also deflects the lower energies, entities or earthbound spirits.
       Rainbow light

See or feel yourself wearing a coat of rainbow stripes which boosts your ability to conduct the energy healing work on yourself and others.
Assertiveness training  - deal with any  “I’m sorry”, or co-dependency issues