Sunday, December 28, 2014

NEW Earth Angel Realms

Announcing   CONNIE DOHAN
certified Doreen Virtue
Earth Angel Realm Reader
What earth angel realm are you? How does this impact your relationships & affect your life's purpose?
earth angel realm reading:
earth angel realm classes:…
earth angel realm certification prep:



Half wise one Half incarnated angel
Align with AA Raphael, the healing angel, for your mission

Eyes compassion, non judgemental
Eyes exotic color
Heart shaped /oval face
Longish hair
Don’t pay attention to dress or makeup
Dress in dark colors
Likes chunky jewellery & crystals
Tatoos & piercings (to show “tough” side)

Sweet an gentle but with an edge –street savvy , doesn’t mind seeing the shadows.
Apologizes but only to move on.
“Party angel” - -history of addictions to alcohol, tobacco, use of “colorful” “descriptive” language

Must be involved in the healing arts at least part time
Teacher of healing – Reiki master etc
Teaching metaphysics
Writing about healing or healing techniques

“Leather & lace”
One day all meek & loving, next all tough. assertive and demanding
Females can be unbalanced in their male energies
As a result, can appear to be self sufficient & don’t ask for help and an end up lonely and isolated like an island.
Unbalanced in giving and receiving –great givers but refuse to receive as they don’t want to be “beholden” to anyone.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Changes for 2015

The vibration for 2015...
It's coming..
Are you ready for it?

Introducing KATHRYN
Kathryn is my protegee and administrative assistant.
We are growing  and you will see her name on most communications and general enquiries.
I am still here and doing well.
Thankfully Spirit has seen fit to send me a helper so I can concentrate on developing training classes and train healers.
Kathryn's strong suits are card readings and passing attunements.  You may contact her direct if interested.
click here

Illuminated Evenings ..Live in Columbus Ohio

Cutting edge training in all things metaphysical and energy healing plus time to hang out with like minded people.
Every other Wednesday 7-9pm plus special events. 2015 schedule to be posted here later this week

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If you would like illuminated training or illuminated mentoring, contact me (or 614 989 4550) for a free 15 minute consultation on where you are, where you're going and how you're going to get there.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

What is an attunement? Columbus Super Sizzler

What is an attunement?
Columbus Ohio Super Sizzler


In simplest terms, an attunement is the process of a person with a certain type of energy passing that energy to a person who does not have that energy.
The sending/transmitting of the attunement usually lasts anywhere from a few minutes upto 15 minutes.  The receiving is instantaneous but the "side effects" can last a few days.

Attunements can be done live or remotely queued or remotely in time when the two people cannot meet in person.  In person you will usually find they can involve a light touch but can be hands off.  Sometimes a gentle blowing is involved.

What to expect
The sender will advise the receiver of any preparation necessary.  Usually this is simply to be well rested and to have a certain stance (sitting, standing, the eyes opened or closed, hand position etc)
The sender will then transmit the energy in the manner prescribed for that particular attunement.

The recipient will receive the energy in the manner directed by the sender.  This may happen right away or could have a delayed effect of up to 48 hours, or even happen gradually over a few days.
Everyone receives energy differently.
The recipient may feel a sensation of heat going through the body or a part of it.  Or, they may have a prickly feeling.  A few other sensations might be:
-        hearing a static or crackling noise
-        Sensing of hot or cold
-        Sensation of light pressure
-        Sensation of a gentle breeze
-        Seeing multicolors or a single vivid color
-        (Many people who dream in and black and white often report dreaming in color after an attunement).
Rarely recipients report mild side effects-most commonly a mild head ache.  In this case, the sender should be contacted.  The sender should be well experienced and will offer a few simple remedies.  These usually entail drinking lots of water to flush the system as well as grounding exercises.

Attunements work on many levels and with higher powers. Most people think of attunements as connected with healing modalities such as Reiki, Chios and the like.  However there are numerous other attunements that stand alone such as angel attunements. chakra attunements, intuition attunements and more.
No matter the type of attunement, the objective is two-fold.
Firstly, it is so that the recipient can attune to the energy and use it appropriately. 
Secondly, it is so the recipient can pass it on to others.  (The recipient should expect to receive a manual for that particular attunement which includes clear instructions on how to pass it on as well as FAQs about that attunement.)

Can an attunement fail?
It is important to know that the attunement process fails if the recipient just receives the energy.  The recipient should learn to be a clear channel/vessel through which this energy flows.  As well, it should most importantly deepen the recipient’s connection to the Divine.  So many times people see the gift (new energy) don't see the giver (the Divine).

A final thought
Attunements are great for your personal development.  As well, they are ideal to incorporate into any business.  They
- are always in stock
- don’t take up any storage space
-never need dusting
-have no stale/use by date
-never go out of vogue.

Super Sizzler      Columbus Ohio      Angel Connect
If you live in Columbus Ohio, there is a great opportunity available  to you!
Receive over $150 worth of attunements - all with manuals and ability to pass on....
Columbus Super Sizzler price $20                    For personal or professional use.

How to get your Super Attunement 6 pack
1. Pre pay by paypal button
2.  You will receive  an email with all the info you need - including address
3.  Attend  the meeting and receive your Guardian Angel Attunement live.
4.  Receive the remainder of the attunements distant as scheduled  (manuals email)
-Color of Angels
- 49 Angel Symbols
- Full Spectrum Light
-Intuition Reiki
-Etheric Cord Flush

Only 10 spots available ....Snag yours now!
Connect With the Angels

Seeking Angelic assistance but can't seem to connect with your angel(s)?

Join us live in Columbus Ohio  Weds  19 Nov  8pm  and learn to connect!

Did you know that you can be attuned to Angels?  

You will receive  a brief class on angels followed by The Guardian Angel Attunement.
as well as :
Ability to pass it on  (normal charge is $25)
9 page manual  detailing what exactly the attunement is, how to receive it, how to send it.

This attunement connects you with your own Guardian Angel who will be with  you always - assisting with healing and providing guidance when asked.  The more you seek contact with your guardian  angel, the more you will feel your angel's presence.
Includes a single attunement, manual and ability to pass on the attunement to others.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chios Healing Most Frequently Asked Question

Look Up

After 7 years of teaching and attuning students world wide, I would like to offer an answer to the question that I get asked most often.
"But I don't see colors....."
The misconception that so many people have (and what I have found to be the cause of the highest drop out rate of Chios) is the idea that you have to SEE colors.
The phrase should be  “see, sense, feel or perceive” the aura.
You may not see the aura but you may HEAR it like a static or soft music,  you may  FEEL it like a tingle or a heat in your hands, or just have a KNOWING that it is there.
It is important that you know how you perceive the energy field and approach Chios from that angle.
The chios level 1 attunement will not make you see colors although it  may cause that door to begin to open.
When taught by me, you understand how you perceive energy and work with your strengths to compile the info you need to work with the energy system.

 Chios training is now in progress at Reiki Awakening Academy.
You can be a chios master by year's end.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Feature - Cloud Angels

A new regular feature  "CLOUD ANGELS"  meant to remind us that the angels are always with us- sometimes we just have to take our eyes off ourselves and LOOK UP.

Look Up!   

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Cards and You

THE CARDS and YOU Connie Dohan

What are oracle cards?
What are tarot cards?
How do they “work”?’
What should happen in a card reading.
What should not happen in a card reading.

Oracle Cards
By definition, an oracle is simply a wise, authorative response to a query.
Divination is simply defined as seeking for a connection/response from the divine (whatever you consider the divine to be).
So an oracle card is a card that gives you a wise/solid answer to your question(s).
Oracle cards are usually just lumped in with tarot cards; however, they really stand apart as their own form of cartomancey with their own history and their own uses.
The first definite recording of divination cards – other than tarot -  was in the court of Napoleon in the 1770’s.
They rode a wave of popularity t into he late 1880’s when they may have gone the way of the do do bird had they not been revived by the interest of Queen Victoria and her court.
The late 1900’s, saw a new interest in oracle cards and an explosion of cards onto the market
Oracle cards stand out from tarot cards in that they commonly have only one word on no words at all on them.  As well, they are generally not divided into suits.  There is no standardized number of cards in an oracle deck.  They commonly run anywhere from 22 to 72 cards.
There are many kinds of oracle cards out there some of which include:
-arch angels

Tarot Cards

The tarot is one of many ways to experience divination.  That is to say, it is one way of receiving answers from the divine.
The origin of tarot is debatable.  Some stretch it back as far as ancient Egypt.  It is definitely seeing in the 14th century used as a deck of regular playing cards like the 52 card deck we use today.
Tarot decks as we know them, emerged in the 15th century as a a game called Triomph (Victory) using a deck of fifty six cards with the addition of 22 triumph (victory) cards.   (it is from these “triumph” cards that we derive our trump cards today)./
The strict definitions and layouts we know today came about in the mid 1700s’. 
Their popularity began to wane and they would have died had it not been for the obsession of Queen Victoria and her court, plus the enthusiasm of devotees such as Sir Author Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes), Ezra Pound, W.B. Yeates, and Sigmond Freiud. 

How they “work”
While no one knows for sure, it is most commonly believed that the person receiving the reading will be attracted to the card he needs the most.

What to expect
-a reader who has a sincere desire to help you.
-a reader that won’t judge you. (We have our own skeletons.)
-complete confidentiality.  Your secrets are safe with us.  (PS we’ll forget anyway.)
-an explanation to tarot If you are brand new tarot
-a safe place
-to be encouraged to record your session (if the reading is over the phone, or internet, they may do it for you.)
-should something negative comes up in the reading, to be helped to remain in control of your life – life doesn’t just “happen” to you.  Remember     The past is the past.  The present is the present.  The future is the future only if you don’t change the present,
-You’ll leave feeling empowered. (Or at least entertained.)
What not to expect
-100% accuracy.
No one has the ability to see your entire future.  A reader can see what may be coming based on your current circumstances but you can shift gears at any time.  You are always in control.
-blaming your problems on a curse or “entity”. 
That takes all of your responsibility out of your hands and is often the sign of a con artist reader.  (The next thing you’ll  hear is a hard sell for a cleansing that costs big bucks. Run from those types of readers.)
-being judged.
 Even if you are sleeping with your great-aunt Matilda, it’s not up to the reader to judge you –(Avoid any reader who makes you feel ashamed.  Even if your  life choices aren’t so hot, you are not a bad person – you’re just making poor decisions. You can always change.)
-a side show
Most readers do not wear “fortune teller” costumes. or have beaded curtains or multitudes of lit candles.

Want to learn how to read the cards yourself for fun or profit?
Want a reading?