Saturday, December 15, 2012

Light a Candle

Having faith & strength to pray for a friend or acquaintance you see every once in a while can be daunting.  Having faith & strength to pray for a family member under your roof who you see hourly can be even more daunting.
 As my situation seemed without remedy or relief, the quiet voice of God said to me “Light a candle”.
 “But I’m not catholic” was my hasty reply.
 “Light a candle & you will learn” came the rejoinder
 “What will I learn?” was my quick response.
“Just light a candle & you WILL learn”
So, I cleared a space on my dresser & laid down a white silk runner to more or less cordon off a spot.  Next I searched out 2 pillar candles and 2 oversized sturdy candle plates (assumed God wanted to teach me something other than fire safety!!)

With a single prayer in mind for each of my two children, I lit the candles simultaneously & awaited instant enlightenment.  Complete silence ensued.  Not a thing except my stomach gurgling & the cat meowing..  However over the next few weeks, I came to understand many things.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
Although I am not always with it, the flame continues to burn.  Likewise, when I am sleeping or otherwise occupied, my prayer still burns bright at the throne of God.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
Walking into the room which is dark save for two candles, I see that a tiny light (small morsel of faith) goes a long way in the pitch dark (time of helplessness).
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
Watching the candles change shape as they burn and melt down, I see that our bodies/characters change as the fire of tribulation touches them.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
Whilst going to put up new candles to replace the almost used up ones, I am admonished to let each candle burn out on it’s own.  God can make shine the end part of our lives or the parts we consider value-less.  God has use for ALL of our lives.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
The warmth generated by the candle cannot be seen, and reminds me that likewise there are aspects of my prayer requests that I cannot see.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
The candle growing smaller and smaller due to the flame shows me that my problem grows smaller and smaller as I expose it to the flame of faith.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
The irregular, unpredictable shape of each candle as it burns shows me that while we may all look similar on the surface, if we allow ourselves to be exposed to the light of God, we will all be made different.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
I observe that as the candle, a solid mass, is exposed to the flame, it loses shape and size, looking in the end, smaller, lighter and completely changed.  Likewise, our burden can be lifted, changed and lessened when exposed to the flame of faith.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
 I notice that the scent of the candle clings to my garment and goes with me.  Likewise, God’s unseen arms hug me even when I depart.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
I notice that when I am still and quiet, I can her the candle crackle, sizzle and pop, as the wick diminishes and the wax melts. It continuously makes noises even if I am too distant or too busy to hear it.  Likewise, God’s voice can be found in quiet places and he is always speaking to us.  Whether or not we hear is our choice.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
I find that one tiny flame can light innumerable other wicks.  One light of faith can ignite the faith of many lives.  Let your light shine.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!
Family and guests remark on and inquire about the lit candles.  Like candles, our faith shining in our daily lifestyle will draw others to us.
                        Lord hear my prayer…&
                        let my cry come unto Thee!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Think Winter...Think Angels


Angels of Winter

Shimmering yet pale & plain...
They remind us to look beyond the trappings of the season &  that holiness & beauty is found in the quiet and simple things of life.

Blessings all as we enter holidays 2012!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Mother's Call

A Mother's Call

I take this life You loaned me
And give her back to You.
I’ve done all that I’ve been called to
And now it’s up to You.

I place her fully
In Your loving care.
Watch, guide and keep her
Here and everywhere.

Give her strength and wisdom
And guide her in Your way.
Love, instruct and keep her
Safe – both night and day.

Form her vessel wholly
As it was meant to be.
I give her now entirely
Over to You from me.

For my daughter
Angelica Praise Dohan

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Colors of Autumn

Celebrate Autumn!

Slow down...take a walk outside

The colors of autumn
-boost your self esteem
-bolster your confidence
-direct you to your life's purpose/soul's calling
-infuse you with vim, vigor and vitality
Pretty good deal for a five minute walk!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Got 30 seconds? Change your Life!

Whether we know it or not, we all practice the rite of “book ending” our days.
In simpler terms, book ending is  how we start & end our day.
The following scenarios are all familiar to each of us in one way or another:
  • Get out on the wrong side of the bed, have a rotten day, go to bed grumpy.
  • Grab a cigarette while rolling out of bed in the morning, smoke all day, one last cigarette before going to bed.
  • Curse the morning alarm clock, grumble all day, go to bed unfulfilled.
Thirty seconds (I timed it) of time per day can radically change your life if you let it.
FIRST THING in the morning, while rolling out of bed, open your arms & say (out loud or silently) – God, this day is yours.   (Or something similar as suits your personality). (Spirit I'm yours today - use me).  (Unto Thee dear Lord, I commit the day).  (I give this day & everything in it You, God).  You needn’t be flashy or ecclesiastical & get all tongue tied with Thees & Thous.  Keep it simple!  And remember to make your mouth do it, regardless of how the rest of your body feels.

LAST THING at night as you roll into bed, close your hands together & say (out loud or silently) God, the night is Yours.  (Or, whatever suits your personality) (Unto Thee, I commit my spirit) (Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep…)  

It literally takes 15 seconds in the morning & 15 seconds at night.  No matter how swamped we are or where we are with our abundant lives, 30 seconds is “do-able”.  And you will be surprised at how much of a difference there is in  the "middle" of your day  when you take care of the "book ends" in a positive manner.
Unto Thee, O Lord,
I commit this day –
In my work and
In my play,
It’s Yours.
In all the bustle,
All the noise,
All the sorrows,
All the joys
It’s Yours.
Take the minutes
And the hours,
Fill them with
Your holy power.
They’re Yours.
Take everything
I say and do.
Make them count,
Dear Lord, for You.
Unto Thee, O Lord
I commit my spirit.
The night looms long.
But I no longer fear it.
Take my spirit,
Hold it tight.
Carry me safely
Through the night.
‘til once more
Day’s sun shines through
And I can give
The new day to You.
connie dohan 1993

Friday, October 19, 2012

Angel Humor

 Angel Humor
As you get to know angels and angel energy, you will find angels have quite a sense of humor, often quite dry.  Because they have never had a human body, they do not understand any of our idioms and often take us at our word literally. 
One of my favorite examples of this would be Matt’s first encounter with angels.  I had been encouraging Matt for some time about the existence of angels and their presence in his life. He was of the “I believe, but show me” mindset.
He travelled often with work.  During one evening of one trip, travelling through the hills of Virginia, he was feeling especially despondent and gloomy.  He decided to try calling out to the angels as I had suggested. He said out loud “All right angels in the back seat of the car – I cannot see you, but Connie says you’re there.  I just need some sign – a light at the end of the tunnel here.” 
Sure enough, the next mountain tunnel he went through, he saw a Bud Lite beer truck on the side of the road. Literally, there was “Light” (Lite) at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My Cup
Rather than lead a life of negativity and self - pity, God has allowed me to choose to build a positive life of joy and thanksgiving.

At times my cup has overflowed and I give You thanks.

At times my cup has been full and I know I am blessed.

At times my cup has been half empty and I choose to see it as half full.

At times my cup has been ninety per cent empty and I choose still to see it as ten per cent full.

At times my cup has been empty and I give thanks that I still have the cup.

At that time that the cup itself was broken, shattered beyond recognition, I thank You that I still had the pieces.

At that time I picked up the pieces and rebuilt the cup myself, I thank You that You watched and carried me.

As my unsound, frail creation failed and my vessel broke again, I thank You that You picked up the pieces and fashioned a unique vessel of Your choosing.

As each moment passes, I thank You for knowing me and creating me a unique vessel to Your specifications that will withstand/overcome any fires or trials that this lifespan encounters.

Connie Dohan

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Angel Card Draw

22 Sept  Saturday  from the Original Angel deck

You  need to show a bit of spontaneity - change  routine every once in a while. 

Take a chance now and then.

Start seeing things with a dash of humor.

Don't take your self so seriously

And see the world and others through softer, kinder eyes.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Power Angel Draw

Friday is Power Angel deck - the mini sized cards that pack a full sized punch.

The advice could be universal -


positive thinking
and constructive actions

However, this particular draw is read 2 different ways & is for two different people following this post.  Your heart will sing if it's you!

You are starting to take your love /partner for granted.  Realize she is Universe's gift crafted just for you.  Take the time to cherish, respect and honor her & you will be amazed at what you receive in return.

Stop and look at the eating and spending patterns you are beginning to slide into.  If you carry on this way you will be financially strapped by holidays and your wewight will race out of control by the end of the year.

The Cracked Pot
     A water bearer in India served his master by toting water from the stream to his master's home.  He carried the water in two pots that hung on either end of a pole balanced across his shoulders.

     One of the pots had a crack in it; the other pot was perfect.  The perfect pot always delivered a full portion of water from the stream, while the cracked pot always arrived at the master's house only half full.

     For a full two years this went on, every day the water bearer delivering one full and one half-full measures of water to the master's home.  Naturally, the full pot was proud of its service, perfect to the end for which it had been made.  But the cracked pot was unhappy; ashamed of its imperfection only half able to do what it had been made to do. 

     After an eternity of what it perceived to be bitter failure, the cracked pot spoke to the water bearer one day.  "I'm so ashamed of myself", it said.  "I want to apologize to you."

     "But why?" asked the water bearer.

     "For the last two years," spoke the pot, "this crack in my side has let water leak out all the way to the master's house, and I have been unable to deliver but half my load. You do the work carrying me from the stream to our master's house each day, but because of my defect, you don't get full value from your effort," sighed the anguished pot.

     Kindly, the water bearer told the distressed pot, "As we return to the master's house today, please notice the lovely flowers along the way."

     As the trio returned up the hill, the old cracked pot noticed the winsome wild flowers - the sun glistening off their bright faces, the breeze bending their  heads.  But still, at the end of the trail, the faulty pot felt bad because it had again leaked out half its load, and again it apologized to the bearer for its failure.

     But the bearer said to the pot, "Did you not notice that the flowers were only on your side of the path?  Because I have always known about your 'flaw' I planted flower seeds on your side of the path, and every day while we wind our way back from the stream, you have watered them.  And every day I am able to pick these beautiful flowers to adorn our master's table.  Were you not just the way you are, the master would not have had this beauty to grace his house."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daily Angel card Reading

Today we use the Angel Tarot deck  - another in of Doreen Virtue's series of angel cards.
It is the standard sized card & standard sized tarot deck.  Is has a nice thick instruction book which deals not only card meanings but consecrating the deck, reading the cards as well as a  few suggested spreads.  A novice could do a reading with the information provided.

Today's draw is good advice for all of us but as I drew it, I felt it was directed to one of you  in particular.  So if this reading seems to particularly sing to you, that will be why :)

Four card draw (my spread, not Doreen's)
1     2
 3     4
 1 The Star
Happy times!  Make  positive ,optimistic long term plans.On the right path

2 Page of Water
A new person enters your life.  A relationship begins a new phase.  Heightened psychic abilities,

3. Queen of Fire
Stretch your wings and fly! Don't underestimate yourself.  Assert your independence and creativity.

4.King of Water
Open your heart and mind to those around you .  Trustworthy and heartfelt advice.

The Interpretation
You've been through a lot of "bumps & bruises" but you're finally on the right path.  You meet new people and the relationships with current and past relationships change because of your new  path.  
Be strong & do things your way.  You have the talent and the ability.  See yourself as the talented creative person the world does.
Take advice from wise counsel. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Karmic Angels Reading

The "Angels of Karma" deck is a  foreign deck sourced at the web site on the bottom right side of the picture.
There are 32 delightful small cards measuring in at 4" x 2.5".  They are rich and full of symbolism.
Having said  that, I find them foreign to my North American eyes, counter-intuitive and "stiff" to read.  Many of the angels have names that are tongue twisters. The card meanings are brief one or two phrases that have to be memorized. The instruction sheet is probably the tiniest I've seen and it is quite a strain to get the information off it. The instructions are offered in five languages with the English translation being some what cumbersome. Only one spread is offered - a four card draw.

Let's give it a try! 

Card 1  the desire
Card 2  the power
Card 3  the present
Card 4 the response

#3 Gabriel
"bearer of good news"
exciting news of a project being realized 

#17 Anael
"director of  karma of love and personal happiness"
works on your behalf to resolve all emotional problems without you experiencing ill health.

#11 Jabamlah
"brings to light everything good in a person and reveals their  talents"
do not  rely on others - be self confident

#5 Ariiel
"Brings luck and freedom from duress"
recently attained freedom must not be used improperly

You are going to get that thing (or resolution to a situation) earlier than you expected. All the stress and worry surrounding it will be gone as well, giving you better balance, health and improved general well being. You now realize you do have the abilities to accomplish your  goals on your own strength. Be wise and fair in your dealings and show restraint when called  for..

Tomorrow - Doreen Virtue's Angel  Tarot 

 SPECIAL Late Addition Prize:
14 square inch reading cloth & matching deck pouch  in  sun & moon motif 
It will go to the first person to post in the comment section of today's blog

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Healing with the Angels

Tuesday -
Today we are using the "Healing with Angels deck.
This is another 44  (3.5"x5")  card deck by Doreen Virtue
Its one word saying on each card whispers a direction for the reader to take but is wide enough in its meaning not to be restricting.

Most of the spreads you will see me using here over the next few weeks may not look familiar to the readers among us.  I do the spreads intuitively and therefore they are not found in books.  Go ahead and use them if they call to you.

Today's five card draw is laid out in my Mosaic pattern:

 Card #1
Your call from the angels
We've been sending you signs but you  haven't gotten them.

Card #2
You need to look at this aspect of your life

The balance (or one particular aspect of it) in your
life is off kilter to the point where it is causing health issues.
There is a better way to handle the balance problem.

Card #3
The solution that is in yours highest & best good.


Take a walk and listen to nature.
Play some chakra music.
Spend an extra 5 minutes in the bath or shower.

Card #4
The result of your effort.

 You won't feel so conflicted.
    You'll  be in harmony of body, mind & spirit.
    Life will become clearer to you.
    Decision making will come from a balanced perspective.

Card #5 
Final out come


You will receive more than you expected on all levels

Join us tomorrow for a bit of different spin on things - Karmic Angels.