Friday, February 27, 2015

Angel Pathiel Opens the Gates of Manifestation

Not much is written about this ArchAngel.  He is most commonly called   Pathiel but is also seen as Padmiel and Pattiel.

He is grouped with the abundance angels and the money angels.

His name means "the opener" and he opens the gates of manifestation to create abundance and prosperity.

Write out your wish list.  Surrender it to Pathiel.  Trust that you have been heard and your desires will become manifest.

Pathiel Opens the Gates of Manifestation

Pathiel's name means “the opener.” He is the one to call on if you want to open the gates of manifestation to create abundance and prosperity. Write a request and ask Pathiel for your wishes and desires. Then surrender your list to Pathiel and trust that your prayers have been heard and will be answered.

Gamaliel - the angel of miracles and abundance

Gamaliel (or Gamiliel or Gamliel) is a very powerful angel.

His name means "God is my reward".

He is one of  the abundance angels as well as one of

the money angels.

He is one of the most generous angels and is sometimes called "the gracious gift giver".

Expect unexpected gifts and miracles with Gamaliel in your life.  He can help you create

more of anything  in your life -money, joy, peace.

His color is indigo.



Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Angel of Luck- a Money Angel

 Angel Barakiel - Angel of Good Fortune

Barakiel means "God's Blessings"   He is also known as "the Angel of Luck" and  "the Angel of Prosperity".

He is also the "happy angel".  He is associated with joviality and humor.

Barakiel is also the angel for October and Scorpio.
 grants  success, good fortune and abundance.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ange Gadiel

Angel Gadiel

This angel (not an ArchAngel) is also considered to be one of "the money angels"
Angel Gadiel releases negativity and  provides direction.  

His name means "wealth of  God".

He is regarded as one of the holiest angels .
His name has great power ( especially if repeated) when seeking assistance.

He will direct you as to the best steps to take to create abundance in your life.

He will release you from any negativity or blocks to the manifestation  of abundance in  your life.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Accessing the Angels-Who's Who & What Do Thy Do?

Accessing the Angels
While our society seems to be flooded with icons & images of angels - from stern stoic religious icons to   naked holly adorned cherubs on Christmas cards, apart from Michael, Gabriel and may be Raphael, most of us would  be hard pressed to  carry on with  the list.

Each angel has its own "special forte" and there is great  power available to you when you call on the Angel specifically related to the problem you are dealing with.   The problem is, most of us don't know who to call when.

Over the next few weeks, I will introduce you to some of the lesser known angels so that you can get to know them & experience their power in your life.

Start with RAZIEL

Raziel helps manifest abundance and prosperity.
He is considered one of the "money"angels.

His name means "secret of God".
He stands by the throne of God and records everything He says and discusses.
Raziel wrote all this information down in the well-known book called "book of the angel Raziel".

He knows the mysteries of the universe.
Invoke his help when seeking to manifest abundance and prosperity.