Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blue Angels and Michael

Have you ever had an angel reading and been told that ArchAngel  Michael, great protector and defender with his mighty sword is your angel?  Or had angel cards drawn by yourself  or others and find Michael, great defender keeps popping up?

This quite comforting for most..  To some it is quite worry-some as  they wonder what peril lies in their path  that they need or will need protection from.  

Personally and as  reader you should know that for some , Michael operates in a "secondary mode".  He operates in the area of Self expression and communication of all kinds - verbal, music and anything having to do with the mouth or ears,

If you client is a gifted listener and counselor (professional or otherwise), Michael is there and is responsible for the wise words that come just when needed most.  He can be found around  professors, inspirational speakers giving them words  they need.  Or with vocalists helping them hit the  high (or low) notes and making their particular rendition of a piece touch hears and make tears flow,

Some of  these people will admit to seeing flashes of blue - this is Michael.

Most have blue as their favorite color.
 Michael is indeed the great protector but he is also the supproter, sustainer and enable of the audio world.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Children See Angels & Adults Don't (Why Can't I See Angels Any More?)

Ever wonder why children report seeing
angels so often & adults do not?

Maybe young children across the globe have vivid imaginations and are just making up stories?

Perhaps you used to see angels but "lost" that ability in your teen years?

Angels ARE real. Here are 3 reasons why we think as adults that we can't see them:

1.  An angel will appear as best suits the situation....shiny wings and flowing robes are not always the dress code.  They often appear as a traveler able to assist in times of peril or need.  We may have experienced angelic assistance but not recognzed it.

2.  A child often has one or more "invisible friends".  These are indeed angels.  

As an example: My son had the "21 boys" and he always made sure they were all buttoned up in foul weather & they accompanied him at all times.  For a good eight  months I had to allow at least ten minutes extra to all our comings and  goings as he simply would no go anywhere without provision being made for the "21 boys" .

What happens?  As a child grows older, the "So what you want to be when you grow up?" fills his head.  He wants to be grown up like mommy or daddy.  Adults don't see angels so a child reasons to become an adult, he must leave behind his  childhood and his angels to  make it in the adult world.  So the angels are discarded along with the toys.  What a pity!

3.  There is also a physical/anatomical reason why adults have difficulty accessing angels or any of the psychic world.  The pineal gland, deep within the brain is responsible for producing substances which promote & support psychic  vision.  By the time most North Americans reach their teen years, this gland  has become a shriveled up non functioning pea sized  calcified lump.
This is because the pineal gland absorbs fluoride  (from our water and our tooth paste).  This fluoride coats the inner walls of the pineal gland causing it to calcify and become  unable to perform it's function.  Yes, this can be reversed by eliminating  your intake of fluoride from your day.  The biggest changes being to switch to a fluoride free tooth paste and put a filter on your water source or buy filtered water.

So, this has been a whirl wind over view of "Seeing  Angels 101"    Enjoy.