Monday, October 7, 2013

The Single Angel

Angels Everywhere

I know that angels exist for I have seen them with my human eye many times.  I don’t consider their participation in my life odd or out of the ordinary.  However, I would consider their absence bizarre.
I believe they are active in everyone’s life but don’t always show themselves or we don’t always see them.
I know angels can take many forms & will manifest themselves in the way most appropriate to the situation at hand.
Angels can touch our lives in very subtle or very profound ways.

The Single Angel

My husband and I stopped at a local Bob Evans for supper one evening.  While waiting for our order to arrive, I glanced around the room.  My gaze happened up-on a young woman with two girls whose ages I guessed to be five and six.
I noticed that the older of the two children was surrounded by at least a dozen rainbow colored angels of all shapes and sizes.

I felt strongly impressed to strike up conversation with the lady about the angel presence.  Common sense and logic quickly chimed in and proceeded to talk me out of it.  My gut kept churning and I knew I’d not sleep that night if I didn’t try and talk with the lady.  After all, she was a complete stranger. If I made a fool out of myself, I’d never see her again.

So, mustering up all my courage, I sidled up along side her at the check out.  I decided the best approach would be to come straight to the point.

“Excuse me,” I said “Do you mind if I ask you if you believe in angels?”

“Why, yes I do” she replied.

“Then would you mind if I told you about the angels around this older of the two girls who is your daughter I presume?”  I replied.

“Go right ahead” she encouraged.’

So, I told her about the troupe of rainbow colored angels and how they were operating in her life.  Then with a sigh of relief, I said silently to Spirit “There I did it”.

The thought had not yet cleared my brain when I felt my stomach turning as I heard the woman’s voice say “How lovely.  Now what can you tell me about the younger girl?”
I had seen nothing as I was so focused on the older girl’s entourage.  I shifted my feet feeling awkward and took another look.  Feeling quite embarrassed and hoping for a soon and speedy retreat, I apologized and said “She only has one small green angel who appears to be hugging her heart”.

A tear rolled down the woman’s cheek as she embraced me and said “She’s waiting for a heart transplant”.

('Angels, Guide, Ancestors'' by Connie Dohan copyright available at Amazon)

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