Sunday, October 6, 2013

Angel Card Draw & Reader's Tip

Using one of Doreen Virtue's many angel decks, today's draw is ArchAngel Ariel who says to you "Be courageous and stand up for your beliefs".

This may not a battle so much as a reminder to family & friends who blast Reiki, crystals  or whatever you use that
    -they can 't knock it until they've tried it
    -they've yet to show you any thing better
    -they need to get more facts before trashing something they obviously know so little about.

It is difficult to see in this pic but will be obvious in some of my other posts...
The cards are laid out o a sheer, sparkly piece of fabric - the size of an over sized dinner napkin.
This is called a "deck scarf".  It is used to give a better, clearer read by preventing the cards from picking up any energy from the surface below.

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