Sunday, July 14, 2013

Monday Mentoring inColumbus Ohio


small group  (max 6)
live  in Columbus Ohio

mentoring in all things holistic & metaphysical

very flexible - come every Monday or drop in once or more/month as you like,

flex hours
9-4 lunch incl  $50
10-2 lunch incl $25
12-4 lunch incl $25
11-3 lunch incl $25

??? give me a call  Connie  614 989 4550

I Asked


I asked for a raging Fire of Faith
to consume me,
that I might shine for the Lord my God.

I got a tiny flicker of faith
that could pierce the darkest night.

I asked for a raging holy fire
to indwell me,
that I might live for the Lord my God.

I got the Flame of Truth
to purge and cleanse me,
that I might be in the presence of a Holy God.

I asked for the smelter's fire 
to transform me
into a vessel of use to the Lord my God.

I got the Flame of Love
that changed me 
to see others through the  eyes of God.

I asked for a holy fire from heaven
to inspire me
that I might praise the Lord my God.

I got the flame of tongues
that I might worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

I asked for a holy  Flame of Healing
to pass by me
that I might live in strength and vitality.

I got an Angel
and His promise
that He would carry me to the end.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Am Who I Am

 available on


Praises to You
from this sacred place
as I bask in
Your embrace.

Visit this frail and
mortal shell...
and with Your Spirit
there indwell.

Raise it from
its mortal state 
to a place of
heavenly grace.

In Thy Presence
pain is naught...
anguish, sorrow
all forgot.

A place where each 
ache and pain
bows unto Your
Holy Name.

Where all discomfort
sings Your Glory...
and my face shines forth
Your story.....

One of blessing, joy and peace,
One of faith that does not cease,
One transformed by heavenly  Grace,
One that knows Your warm embrace.

Let others want
what they see
shining forth from 
inside of me.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Power Reiki

For Chronic Pain & Illness
3 levels
live, self study or online virtual class room
$100 plus cost of book (Power Reiki  by Connie Dohan)
614 989 4550

Put more oomph in your healing practice

Connie Dohan , Chios Certified Master Teacher 614 989 4550

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Holy Mess

In the midst of all this mess,
Let me find Your Holiness.
Create right here a holy place -
One where I might find Your  face.

Come infuse my every cell.
Breathe into me & indwell.
Overflow my heart and soul
So that all may see and know...

Your glory as they see me-
A glimpse of eternity-
A touch of heaven here and now,
That this spirit may bow...

To the God who is my All in All
The One to who I daily call -
Healer, Confident and Friend
the Alpha, the Omega, the Begining, the End.