Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Busy Angel

The Busy Angel

          On a long airplane trip made even longer by weather delays, I took my window seat & settled in, hoping I’d be able to stretch into the seat beside me and wondering if it was taken.

          I gave a little sigh as woman slid into to the seat beside me.  I hoped she wouldn’t be talkative.  I felt an odd pressure in the space between us and glanced over to see what the cause might be.  I noticed an angel facing the woman’s torso & flapping his wings and arms about in a frenzied fashion.

          “Good grief!” I blurted out without thinking, “Is there any reason you’d have an angel with you – right there?” as I pointed to the spot.

          She gasped and looked stunned and relieved at the same time.”  My goodness yes” she replied.  I am a very recent kidney donor –less than a week ago.  I’m travelling against doctor’s orders to a family funeral across country. 

          The last hour or so has been quite uncomfortable.   I was beginning to wonder if I would be able to make it.
          Where you are pointing is exactly the incision line.  You had no way of knowing.  Thank you so much”.

 ("Angels, Guides, Ancestors" copy right by Connie Dohan available Amazon./com)

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