Monday, July 18, 2011

New Things About the Chakra System

Chakras are real
-seers  can see them
bio feed back machines can sense & image them.

Did you know that the chakra system has 2 sides - a front and a back.
Both must be balanced for wellness.

The front responds & balances to color - visual stimuli
The rear responds & balances to sound - audial stimuli. Each chakra  has its own tone - musical note.

The front side of the system holds the present - the symptom
(example base chakra #1 front side I Exist..
malfunctioning -suicidal tendancies, loss of will to live.)

The rear side of the system holds the past -the cause
(what led up to the malfunction in the case of  the suicidal front base...
the  gene pool, the life experience, the medicine etc

Why treat the symptom when you can target the cause?

Your one stop resource center for all things auras and chakras is the place where you can also find the latest in cutting edge information and techniques.  It;s All Auras & Chakras and it's only a click away    AllAurasAndChakras 


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Everything About the Human Aura

The human aura- want to see it?  capture it on disc? analyze it? heal it?

May be you just want to know what it is  or why  you should even give it a second thought.

Your one stop source is just a click away  All Auras And Chakras 

(Info also avail at 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Aura- see it, balance it, repair it, play with it

All Auras and Chakras-
full of details on the  human aura 
plus practical tips for seeing & manipulating it.
  click for .AllAurasAndChakras site

disease markers in the aura
the aura at death                                                       
auric layer zero
fun with the aura

click here for yours                                      

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where Am I?

La Luna     Saturdays by appointment
50% off ALL services and readings Saturdays  in July

FREE  You Are Invited!
Tues 19 July 9PM​ass/582391-practical-reiki-tm-​by-alice-langholt-book-launch-​party

give aways from:
Alice Langholt
(Practical Reiki)
Connie Dohan
(You Are Energy)

 FREE Class:  Is Your Aura Making You Fat?
7-8 pm  Thurs 21 July
Journeys of Wisdom
6161 Busch Bld #101 Columbus

Aura-Chakra Photgraphy
Saturday 23 July
Om2Ohm  (Mystic Nirvana)
Powell, OH
phone for appt
614 989-4550

Holiday home in Canada Aug 1-9 

Video Scrap Book

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Connie at AmidAngels

Power Reiki For Weight Loss

You Are Energy chat ith Dave

The Human Aura

Power Reiki

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aura & Chakra Basics

Kick it up a notch!
Every good energy healer/light  worker is even better with a good understanding of the aura & the chakra system (front & rear).
Brush up  on the basics or learn them anew at:

All Auras and Chakras 

Also my YouTube videos:

The Human Aura 


Also my book:
You Are Energy 

Also for month of July:
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Visit Me!

Apart from my home studio in Dublin OH, I can be found:

Saturdays by appointment at La Luna Wellness 

Thurs 21 July:  free  1 hour class Is Your Aura Making You Fat?  at  Journeys of Wisdom
6161 Busch Blvd, Suite 310, Columbus OH 43229 • 614.888.1240 

Don't miss out on half price every thing in July including readings & aura/chakra photography with analysis.

Call me now to book your appointment
Connie 614 989 4550 (click)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New YouTube Aura video + 50% Aura Chakra Photography

Here's a basic aura video that I made this afternoon.  Great for novices or as a refresher for the advanced.  Check it out at the link below.

Click for Aura 101

Only 3 more Saturdays to enjoy Aura photography at 50% off ($20 for personalized Aura / Chakra report and analysis).  Call for you appointment in Dublin, OH - Connie 614 989-4550

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Half Off July Sale Reiki, Aura Chakra Photography, Energy Medicine, Tarot & more

50% off ALL services, readings, classes month of July
-must be done live at our studio in Ohio on a Saturday OR
can be any day for distance or on-line sessions.

The rate schedule below reflects normal pricing - July is 50% off.  You can make arrangement by calling Connie at 614 989 4550 or emailing
Accepted forms of payment are cash or credit card (Visa, MC, Discover, A/E) 

For more info, check out

Energy Sessions
Your journey to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being and balance begins in your energy field. Is your energy field keeping you down?  

You can receive any (or a combination) of the following energy services:
- High perception energy field reading
- Chakra / aura imaging, photography and analytics
- Reiki (Usui, Huna, and Power)
- Chios
- Quantum Touch
- Munay-Ki
- Spirit Reassessment
- Healing Touch
- Crystal Healing
- Energy Healing Codes
- Angel Touch
- Energy Inversion
- Chakra and aura balancing
- Power attunements for weight loss or chronic pain
Services can be provided locally (Dublin OH area) or remotely - no distance limitations $70/hour
(Aura/chakra photography/imaging must be done locally) 

Attunements are the receiving of a higher frequency energy sent from one to another. Available attunements are:
- Power Reiki Weight Loss I (Basic)
- Power Reiki Weight Loss II (Booster, if needed)
- Power Reiki Weight Loss III (For desired goal of more than 100 pounds)
$50 each

Looking for Answers along "Life's Path":
- Tired? Confused?
- Questioning your path?
- Looking for your path?
- Need answers?  Need clarity? Let cards, angels, runes, stones, intuitive readings give you help along your way.
Private or groups sessions available.
  $35 / 30 min.

On -line Classes & Certification
-Power Reiki -levels 1,2,3
-Chios Healing  levels 1,2,3
  $50 per level

Friday, July 8, 2011

Craving Ice?

Craving ice chips?  

Get on board with a Power Reiki Weight Loss session that takes away the cravings OR

know that your body needs: IRON

Found in : meat, fish, poultry, seaweed, greens, black cherries.

Food Cravings

If you have not had the Power Reiki Weight Loss Session, you may have food cravings.
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Craving chocolate?

Your  body wants magnesium
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Learn Power Reiki

Learn Power Reiki for chronic illness & pain,,,
Special July pricing.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Power Reiki - what is it?

Power Reiki is a technique developed specifically for stubborn or long term problems such as pain, chronic illness, overweight issues. 

At AmidAngels we recognize that chronic long term problems have challenges differing from the acute short term curves life can give.  We recognize that the techniques and tools used to manage mild, acute dysfunction are not always adequate. 

We specialize in developing techniques for the more resistant problems. 

Power Reiki is one of the tools in this arsenal.

more at AmidAngels

For the month of July only take all 3 levels of Power Reiki on line for only $80 (plus manual)     614 989 4550  (incl attunements & certificates) 

So, You've been Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease..

 This was written eight years ago - before I became involved in energy healing.
If you or some one you love has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, it worth the read.  (Also as per yesterday's post, if medical science fails you, go down a different path)


It never ceases to amaze me how often people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease give up & wait for disability & death to over take them.

Men & women who have survived war, women who have done natural drug free labour –hear the four words “You have Parkinson’s Disease” & they crumble - become frail, turned in on themselves. They just give up.

I often say they’ve already died but haven’t had the courtesy to get buried.
They are walking corpses giving off the smell of death – complaining, not trying. They have P.D. & they are darn well going to make sure the rest of the world knows it & what a terrible burden it is.

Often, but not always, these are seniors who have had opportunity to raise children, follow career paths, travel, establish retirement funds.

Having PD is not the news anyone wants to hear but get real – it could certainly be many hundred of times worse. Everyone gets some THING to deal with in life & as far as THINGS go, PD is not the worst.

You could have something really painful – like irritable bowel syndrome.

You could have something worse –inoperable brain tumor or Louis Gherig’s.

You could have been born in this era in a poor country where if you actually survived into adulthood, meds for PD are just not available.

You could have been born 20-30 years earlier - before the current drugs were available even in the prosperous countries like the USA.

It does matter how a Parkinsonian carries him/herself. What if a neighbor, your spouse, your child, your sibling becomes diagnosed with PD somewhere along life’s road? Will they think back to the only Parkinsonian they know (you) & see a life of complaining & medical appliances or ??????????????

For those with young onset PD – What example are you setting for your children? Will they follow your example when they hit their own stumbling blocks on life’s path? Will they give up or overcome?

I have Parkinson’s Disease – it does not have me. I have incorporated it into my life path, it has not incorporated me.

I am 49 & truly grateful for each breath I draw, each extra moment I have with my children, each sunset viewed, each warm embrace from my husband, each fresh crop of strawberries I encounter ...……

I challenge any one of you to take the time to count the really good things in your life. Soon you’ll find you’re so busy encountering the good that you have no time to find the bad. Don’t give me complaints or excuses - I guarantee you whatever your whine, I can do you one better!

-had PD 14 years (since age 35)
-misdiagnosed for 10 years – everything from hypochondria to MSA (You’ve got 3 months left to live. Expect a long & lingering death as meds are not helpful in MSA)
-while misdiagnosed - -stiff, incontinent of urine, drooling – fed & dressed by my young children
-mother trying to raise 2 children
-unable to continue a nursing career
-unable to pursue any of my hobbies /talents developed over the first 3 decades of my life piano, handicrafts, public speaking
-major move (to US from Canada) leaving all friends & family to come to a complete unknown
-having enough training (registered nurse) to know long term effects of PD on the human body

And there is more but……………

I am thankful.

Having PD did not rob me of a career but forced me to stay home & develop a unique & cherished relationship with each of my offspring. I will never regret that part of it.

Having PD did not force me to give up the hobbies I loved but nudged me over to find some new ones I would never have dreamed could give me so much satisfaction - metal detecting, geneaology.

Having PD did take me off life’s busy highway & allow me to carve out my own path on which I can stop to smell the flowers along the way.

I volunteer at schools & local agencies. I chaperone the teenage school events – including overnight excursions, I run a small business on the net.  (NONE of my clients even know I have PD- unless they read this!).  I hit the pool five days a week &
exercise for fifteen minutes whether I feel like it or not.

Sure, I drop things, shake & fall but I laugh at myself & carry on. It
doesn’t take the rest of the world more than a brief encounter to be
comfortable with me & yes ask lots of questions about PD. (Those who know me laughingly refer to it as Connie’s one on one PD public awareness campaign!)

I travel alone internationally – Canada & Jamaica. Some times it’s
a “disaster” & I end up on the “side lines’ in a borrowed wheel chair in a foreign country. But you know what – life on the sidelines is not bad, just  different. In Jamaica for example, I “missed” the big coffee tour but for a few hours was surrounded by real locals who shared their  customs & hospitality with me. It was an experience none of the other travelers had & money couldn’t buy. If I’d tried to arrange it, I couldn’t have done so.

I paint my toe nails neon blue & just last week did my hair up using my daughter’s metallic green spiker gel.

We laugh a lot at my house – if we didn’t I don’t know how we’d make it through.  (Sometimes I swear neighbours drop by just to see what bizarre chain of events has got the Dohans laughing this time).

Sure some days seem overwhelming but then we do it
hour by hour instead of day by day.

PD is too big for me to handle alone. First thing
every morning, I pray “God cure me or carry me” & then truly leaving the matter up to Him go about the day.

You can set the tone for the circle around you. You can whine & complain & make those around you miserable too or create a bit of joy in your life & in the lives of those around you!

Connie Dohan, Dublin, Ohio

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Parkinson's Disease rising above

The Journey to the Site
I found myself in my early thirties with 2 young children, a husband & advanced Parkinson's Disease.

Stiff & shaky, I was often incontinent of urine, needed lots of help dressing.  It was an ordeal of momentous proportions to "get mother ready" just to move about the apartment - never mind to the car & out.  At night I drooled excessively & had to sleep standing up strapped against a wall in order to be able to breathe.

So I wailed out to the universe (not expecting an answer) "God, why don't you just take me now & quickly?!"  To my surprise & consternation, a reply came, "Because it's not time yet."

Bound, by the chains of Parkinson's, exhausted beyond words, feeling I had nothing to lose by carrying on this inane conversation with the voice of God, I replied,"So when is my time - & why can't it be now??"

The voice replied, "It is not for you to know the time & it is not soon"

I replied, "But God, I'm a nurse.  I know that nobody ever gets cured of Parkinson's Disease - it only gets worse.  I can't imagine continuing to live this way."

The result - silence from the great beyond.  In my irreverence, I thought that either I had stumped the Big Guy, or at least put Him in His place.  Fortunately, sanity and reverence kicked in.  I decided I didn't have an answer because I had asked the wrong question.

So I queried, "God, how can You expect me to live like this.  You know that nobody has ever been cured of Parkinson's disease."  

The voice responded, "Oh, really!"

I began listing famous people with Parkinson's - some still alive, others who had died with Parkinson's:  the Pope, Janet Reno, Mohammad Ali, Michael J. Fox, Mao Tse-tung, and others.  

To this, the Voice responded "You're correct." 

My response was "So. if  I can't live with this and, if the rich and famous, with all their connections, can't be cured, how do you expect me to be healed?"

In almost childlike simplicity and innocence, the very wizened voice responded, "Why can't you be the first?"
I said, "Fine God, make it happen".  The response - no instant miracle, but rather the start of a journey.
A quarter of a century later, most people don't even realize that I have Parkinson's when they meet me for the first time.  Many of the techniques on my websites are ones that I've found, modified, learned in order to cope initially and then diminish the signs and symptoms of Parkinson's to where today they are barely noticeable.
Much of what is on my web sites has been a part of my healing process.  

I believe that all things are possible, but some things just take longer than others.  And my purpose for this site is to share what has taken me a quarter of a century to learn with the hope that it can help others who may find themselves in "supposedly" impossible situations.

More info on travelling with Parkinson's Disease this week.
also at:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Keeping Up with the Times QR Codes

There are an alarming number of things I know nothing about!

Two days ago I knew nothing about QR codes & now I'm making them!

Had the absolute pleasure of having Alice Langholt - Reiki Master - from  Reiki Awakening up at my place for an over nighter - yep just like the old fashioned slumber parties - lots of fun & little sleep.
She brought me into the current age with QR codes (down load a free app such as Scan Life on your Smart phone, then using your phone camera, scan the image!)

Got a sneak preview of her awesome  new book Practical Reiki (look for it on Amazon in about 2 weeks).

Also got the Scoop on Reiki Awakening  Academy happening this fall with classes running the gammit from angels to crystals, the business side of Reiki, kineisology, and much more. 

Watch over the next few weeks for information about webinar classes done from the convenience of your own home.

For those in the Dublin, OH area, don't forget to give me a buzz at 614-989-4550 for 50% off any reading or service done on a Saturday this summer.  

Happy 4th of July to all.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hanging Out

Just hanging out with Alice Langholt (Reiki Awakening).
My new web almost ready...intro video linked here   click