Friday, September 14, 2012

Original Angel Draw for Saturday

These wee cards are called the "original angels".  I have also heard them called "Angel Bits".
Each is  1"x2" and has a single word on it...but a single word can speak volumes.

I keep a deck in a crystal bowl in the foyer of my studio where waiting clients and staff alike can draw a card themselves to find out what their focus for the day should be.

The simpleness of these cards is in stark contrast to most people's work week and a good way to start your weekend fresh & new.  Let's look at today's draw.
This draw shows me that you are seeking a spiritual experience, an enlightenment, an awakening,  The  thing that is holding you back is your attitude  - this may be conscious or unconscious.  Start finding JOY in all things.  This is the key that will open  the awakening that you seek.
SURPRISE BONUS- I will give away 2 color readings today!
They will go to the first two people to leave a comment on this blog page.
Simply leave your comment & end it by listing your 3 favorite colors. (I also need the first name you are most commonly called by).  Then your reading will show up here later today .    Congrats  to our 2 winners- Daniela & Bethany!
(Their readings appear below.)
Watch for more surprise offerings to be scattered randomly through out the following days & weeks

See you Sunday when we see what Doreen Virtue's "Messages from Angels" deck has to offer.
I feel this is all about work, not relationships
I don't know what you've been going through the past 3-4-5 months  but the people around you have not been giving you enough recognition, enough pats on the back, telling you that you've done well.  They don't appreciate what it's taken for you to get from where you were to where you are now.  Universe sees   it - Kudos from Universe on a job well done.
Universe has much to offer you in the future but you will have to believe in yourself even more in order to access the bounty waiting for you. Yes it's time for the perks & good things in life to come your way.
I believe you have tapped into your soul's calling and are starting to pursue it  - if not full time now, you should be heading in that  direction.  Your idea, what ever it is, is a good one  & could fill a marketing niche if marketed well. Your business endeavors are supported in all ways by Universe, You should be doing something in a supportive, alternative health track.  Learn how to commune with your angels/guides as they can give you good information on how to proceed in business. 

You are doing a lot of assessing (mulling as well) about where you have been, where you are now & where you would like to be in the future.
You feel stuck in a rut as  you have no idea what you really want to do in the future or where you want to d"with it" & dynamic on the outside but your inside doesn't match is a shadow of the real you.
You will not discover your soul's purpose/life's calling where you are.  You need a new location and a new group of people surrounding you. You are talented and intelligent & have the support of Universe in moving on.  You will succeed in what ever you do. 


  1. That draw sounds exactly like what's going on with me.
    3 favorite colors: teal, grey, beige...

  2. Bethany!
    3 fav! they change all the time...
    orange, teal, and yellow! <3 Bless you!

  3. Congratulations to our two winners Daniela & Bethany!
    Watch for more surprise freebie offerings in weeks to come!