Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Healing with the Angels

Tuesday -
Today we are using the "Healing with Angels deck.
This is another 44  (3.5"x5")  card deck by Doreen Virtue
Its one word saying on each card whispers a direction for the reader to take but is wide enough in its meaning not to be restricting.

Most of the spreads you will see me using here over the next few weeks may not look familiar to the readers among us.  I do the spreads intuitively and therefore they are not found in books.  Go ahead and use them if they call to you.

Today's five card draw is laid out in my Mosaic pattern:

 Card #1
Your call from the angels
We've been sending you signs but you  haven't gotten them.

Card #2
You need to look at this aspect of your life

The balance (or one particular aspect of it) in your
life is off kilter to the point where it is causing health issues.
There is a better way to handle the balance problem.

Card #3
The solution that is in yours highest & best good.


Take a walk and listen to nature.
Play some chakra music.
Spend an extra 5 minutes in the bath or shower.

Card #4
The result of your effort.

 You won't feel so conflicted.
    You'll  be in harmony of body, mind & spirit.
    Life will become clearer to you.
    Decision making will come from a balanced perspective.

Card #5 
Final out come


You will receive more than you expected on all levels

Join us tomorrow for a bit of different spin on things - Karmic Angels.

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