Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Karmic Angels Reading

The "Angels of Karma" deck is a  foreign deck sourced at the web site on the bottom right side of the picture.
There are 32 delightful small cards measuring in at 4" x 2.5".  They are rich and full of symbolism.
Having said  that, I find them foreign to my North American eyes, counter-intuitive and "stiff" to read.  Many of the angels have names that are tongue twisters. The card meanings are brief one or two phrases that have to be memorized. The instruction sheet is probably the tiniest I've seen and it is quite a strain to get the information off it. The instructions are offered in five languages with the English translation being some what cumbersome. Only one spread is offered - a four card draw.

Let's give it a try! 

Card 1  the desire
Card 2  the power
Card 3  the present
Card 4 the response

#3 Gabriel
"bearer of good news"
exciting news of a project being realized 

#17 Anael
"director of  karma of love and personal happiness"
works on your behalf to resolve all emotional problems without you experiencing ill health.

#11 Jabamlah
"brings to light everything good in a person and reveals their  talents"
do not  rely on others - be self confident

#5 Ariiel
"Brings luck and freedom from duress"
recently attained freedom must not be used improperly

You are going to get that thing (or resolution to a situation) earlier than you expected. All the stress and worry surrounding it will be gone as well, giving you better balance, health and improved general well being. You now realize you do have the abilities to accomplish your  goals on your own strength. Be wise and fair in your dealings and show restraint when called  for..

Tomorrow - Doreen Virtue's Angel  Tarot 

 SPECIAL Late Addition Prize:
14 square inch reading cloth & matching deck pouch  in  sun & moon motif 
It will go to the first person to post in the comment section of today's blog

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