Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Angels don't  usually announce themselves in large booming voices - although they certainly can.  They generally leave much more subtle calling cards.
In order to commune with angels, you have to learn to  hear their voice.
One fun way is to draw an angel card for general guidance for the day -or a spread if you are looking for detail.

I thought for hte next month or so we'd do an angel card daily draw and allow that to be an avenue for the angels to guide us.

There are many lovely  angel decks out there. I chose the following seven for
 variety & starting tomorrow will post a one or two card draw & reading for us each morning from the decks as follows:
Sun     Messages from Angels
Mon     Angels & Gemstones
Tues    Healing with Angels
Weds   Karmic Angels
Thurs   Doreen Virtue Tarot Angels
Fri         Power Angels
Sat        Angel Bits

Any one interested in a reading via skype see the side bar menu
                             Get to know you color reading  $6 for approx 5 mins
mini angel reading approx 15 mins $15
full reading approx 30 mins  $30
                                                          (makes  a great gift)

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