Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daily Angel card Reading

Today we use the Angel Tarot deck  - another in of Doreen Virtue's series of angel cards.
It is the standard sized card & standard sized tarot deck.  Is has a nice thick instruction book which deals not only card meanings but consecrating the deck, reading the cards as well as a  few suggested spreads.  A novice could do a reading with the information provided.

Today's draw is good advice for all of us but as I drew it, I felt it was directed to one of you  in particular.  So if this reading seems to particularly sing to you, that will be why :)

Four card draw (my spread, not Doreen's)
1     2
 3     4
 1 The Star
Happy times!  Make  positive ,optimistic long term plans.On the right path

2 Page of Water
A new person enters your life.  A relationship begins a new phase.  Heightened psychic abilities,

3. Queen of Fire
Stretch your wings and fly! Don't underestimate yourself.  Assert your independence and creativity.

4.King of Water
Open your heart and mind to those around you .  Trustworthy and heartfelt advice.

The Interpretation
You've been through a lot of "bumps & bruises" but you're finally on the right path.  You meet new people and the relationships with current and past relationships change because of your new  path.  
Be strong & do things your way.  You have the talent and the ability.  See yourself as the talented creative person the world does.
Take advice from wise counsel. 

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