Sunday, November 12, 2017

Angelology & Trivia


Angels and Money:
Archangel Raziel Helps Manifest Abundance and Prosperity
Archangel Raziel's name means “secret of God.” They say he stands by the throne of God and records everything He says and discusses. Supposedly, Raziel wrote all this information down in the well-known book called the Book of the Angel Raziel. From this wisdom he knows all the mysteries of the universe. So when you invoke his help, he will use his divine magic to help you manifest the abundance and prosperity you are seeking.
Prayer to Archangel Raziel
Archangel Raziel, you hold the wisdom and gifts of the universe, therefore you know exactly how to help me fulfill my wishes for increased abundance and prosperity. Teach me what I need to know about manifesting. Allow me to witness and receive the gifts of your divine magic so I may experience miracles in my everyday life.

Gadiel Releases Negativity and Provides Direction

Gadiel's name means “God is my wealth.” He is known as one of the holiest of angels and his name has great power. To enhance this power, say his name repeatedly when asking for assistance. Gadiel will show you the best direction to take in your life so you can create abundance. If you ask, he will release you from any negativity that blocks your ability to create abundance in your life

Prayer to Gadiel
Gadiel, Gadiel, Gadiel, please assist me in my life right now. Release me from any conscious or unconscious blocks I have about being abundant and prosperous. Help me know that I am worthy and deserving of the best. Give me the clarity I need and the direction to take so I may follow and walk the path that will lead me to abundance and prosperity.

Barakiel Brings Good Fortune

Barakiel is an ancient angel and he is the ruler of the order of the Seraphim. His name means “God's blessing.” He is the angel of good fortune and he will assist you in opening your heart so you can receive the gifts of abundance. He will also help you keep a positive outlook and encourage you to expect abundance in your life.

Prayer to Barakiel
Barakiel, open my heart so I can receive the blessings and good fortune that await me. It's here and it's now and I am inviting these gifts of abundance into my life. Help me stay positive so I can be a magnet of attraction, drawing everything into my life so I can experience my heart's desires.

Gamaliel Provides Gifts and Miracles

Gamaliel's name means “recompense of God.” He is known as one of the most generous angels and is referred to as the gracious gift giver. He is a very powerful angel and he will help you create heaven on earth. Expect unexpected gifts and miracles from Gamaliel. He is here to serve you and help you create more money, joy, and happiness.

Prayer to Gamaliel
Gamaliel, you are the gracious gift giver and I call upon you now. I am asking for your help in fulfilling the following desires (share your desires). I know you have the power to perform miracles and I believe in miracles. I am open to receive and I allow unexpected opportunities and gifts to show up in my life. Thank you, Gamaliel, for your graciousness.

Pathiel Opens the Gates of Manifestation

Pathiel's name means “the opener.” He is the one to call on if you want to open the gates of manifestation to create abundance and prosperity. Write a request and ask Pathiel for your wishes and desires. Then surrender your list to Pathiel and trust that your prayers have been heard and will be answered.

Prayer to Pathiel
Pathiel, I surrender my wish list to you, knowing that you have the power to manifest abundance and prosperity. Please assist me in opening the gates of manifestation so everything can flow freely and easily into my life. I trust in you and that my prayers have already been answered.

Invoke these angels one at a time or call on them as a team. You don't necessarily have to remember their names; just pray to the angels of abundance and prosperity. Be honest in your prayers and ask for your needs and desires to be met. Understand that they want to help you and they already know you deserve to live a rich life. The question is, are you ready and willing to receive this for yourself?


  • Fact 1 : There are two types of Angel fish, Freshwater (Pterophyllum) and Marine (Pomacanthidae)
  • Fact 2: Angelfish can become aggressive towards other fish and even eat smaller fish such as Neon Tetras!
  • Fact 3: Angelfish breed for life. If one of the pair dies, the other will not breed again!
  • Fact 4: Angelfish are intelligent and can recognise their owners!
  • Fact 5: The Freshwater Angelfish is a member of the Cichlidae (Cichlid’s) family
  • Fact 6: Wild Angelfish are silver but a huge range of colors have been bred for the tropical aquarium market such as Gold, Chocolate, Ghost, Smokey and Black
  • Fact 7: The scientific name for Angelfish is Pterophyllum which is derived from the Greek word for "winged leaf"
  • Fact 8: Angelfish can live for up to 15 years
  • Fact 9: You can only distinguish a male from a female angelfish when they breed!
  • Fact 10: The freshwater Angelfish is triangular in shape; it is thought this makes it easier for them to hide from predators amongst the aquariums plants
  • Fact 11: The female Angelfish lay’s between 100 and 1000 eggs at a time and both parents will guard the eggs and raise the young fry
  • Fact 12: Angelfish are also known by the name Silver Angel
  • Fact 13: Freshwater Angelfish can be found in the Amazon river
  • Fact 14: Angelfish have long dorsal and anal fins and often have red eyes!
  • Fact 15: Freshwater Angelfish are natural carnivores. Brine Shrimp, insects and bloodworms are favorites!

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