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Angelology and Trivia - the "angel chakra"

A Month of Angels
(final Monday)

The Angel Chakra

The “angel chakra” is an out of body chakra.
It is one of the new ascension chakras.

Chakras 12 and 13 are the chakras that facilitate communication with higher vibrational beings.  Your vibration is raised up and you can begin to communicate telepathically with other realms.
Frequently a few weeks before this happens you may be bothered by a screeching, buzzing or static in your ears.  This is just your “antennae” fine tuning to the source
To locate chakra#12, outstretch one of your arms such that your upper arm forms a line between your ear and third eye.
Just at the edge of your reach you will sense a pressure, static, or resistance to some kind.   This is chakra you are looking for. 

In meditation, sense, see, feel, perceive it opening larger and larger. As it becomes bigger and bigger, your communication with the angels will become stronger and stronger.

Attracting Angels

Attracting Angels

•       you may have Angels in your life and not know it or
        you may have angels in your life, know it and want more

Angels have creative ways of telling us they are near
Signs of Angelic Presence
•       peace of mind
        feelings of hope
        serendipity - fortunate coincidences
        favorable meet ups

Optimism – Keeping an “Angel Journal”
This not a journal recording Angels.  Rather it is a record of your journey into joy and thankfulness
.Joy, positive thinking, playfulness, thankfulness, creativity make an environment that is “angel friendly”.
Learn to see the glass as half-full not half empty.
Introduce some playtime into your life
Angels can best interact with you when you are not concentrating hard and focusing on certain object or thing. Becoming creative or playful creates an environment where angels can reside.

Some people will recognize the Angel journaling as ‘the
attitude of gratitude’ life journaling.
This is done using a special journal or computer document.
Choose a set time, usually on rising or retiring and set aside five minutes of undisturbed quiet time.  Just five minutes -it can be life changing.
Run your thoughts over your past day.
Now record three things in your journal.
(can be bullet points, paragraphs, sketches-whatever works for you)
These will be three things that made you happy.
The catch is that these things cannot cost you any money.
Some examples might be living without pain, the chance to take an afternoon nap, the gorgeous sunrise, the feeling of your child’s arms around you, living in safety, etc.
Do it daily.  Don’t “save it up and do it three days later as the mind can play tricks –Hind sight  gives things a different slant.
Do it written –not in your head – you need a record you can look back on.

Just do it. Don’t bother to look back at it for at least three weeks.
After that time, look back and see how much you have outweighs what you perceive it is that you lack

Imagination and Faith
imagination defined
the art and practice of producing ideal creations…
and forming clear mental images.
The future can be found here.
This the art of visualization
Imagination is the precursor to faith.
You visualize it and then you know it.

faith defined

the absolute certainty, and knowing without a shadow of doubt
if you know something, it is part of you.
Knowing leaves the door open to alternatives

Take action
Clarify one want or desire .Be very specific and detailed.
Visualize an Angel before you
Compose the following statement:
Angels, I am asking that ________, and stream of faith and positive energy that I have focused on this desire remain. constant and clear
Visualize it
Continue to pour positive thoughts toward it.
Imagine all the details of your Angel and what he is saying to you.
Now fly up with the Angel to the heavenly plane

Angel mail

An Angel is a messenger between heaven and earth.
Asking an Angel starts the process getting your request from Earth to heaven
Angel mail involves putting your special request on a piece of paper.
Craft carefully, seal it and then “mail it” by putting it a special place like bible or jewelry box.
You must address it to the appropriate Angel. If you don’t know who that is, you something like the following:
To highest angel of prosperity please your request here
For the highest and best good of all concerned
Express thanks
If there are persons who might block or interfere with this request, write a letter to their guardian angel
and ask that anything that might block your progress person be removed.
As with your mail, seal it and mail it.
As the process is over ending feel free to be open and receive intuitive directions for action or a feeling of peace and that all is well.

Angel Cards
These are an excellent way to learn to hear the angels in your life.
Decks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just pictures. Others have names and phrases on them.
Simply be & quiet centered and focused and ask for that is what you desire. Or you can ask the angels to show you what you need to know and they will pick the focus of the reading.
Pick up the deck
Hold it over your heart
Say  “for the highest and best good of all concerned”
Now pick a card – the card that seems right to you – not necessarily the top card.
Turnover and you will find the answer or the action be taken for your life today.
This card of the day or you can do it monthly for card of the month or situational.
Another popular way of placing the cards to draw three, place them up in front of you.  The first card represents the past,
The second card represents Now/the present.  The third card represents the future- what will happen continue the same way you are going now.
Remember The past is the past.  The present is the present.
The future is the future only if you don’t change the present. So nothing is carved in stone. If you don’t like the future just change the present.

Making a declaration is a formal way of making what it is you want known.
It is a “call to action” to your angels
If words are not your forte, some examples are given below
1.   Dear Aangels (and other interested higher parties)  including myself I will be the long, healthy, and prosperous life. I will create peace and harmony, and I will be blessed with the grace of happiness
I will follow through with my lifework (describe) the come to pass with success and abundance. (List your goals, achievements and rewards you desire). I will release any fear, worry, and attachment that is holding me back I will be open to the gift of the universe. My work will be for the highest good in the universe. My thoughts are now replaced with loving thought of abundance. 
2.  Dear Angels, I am asking over the following situations and work about the highest good
money anxiety
health issue
disagreement with ______
car troubles
Thank you angels for taking over these situations. Thank you for finding the highest solutions and guiding me in pursuit of higher ground without petty worries.
Check back on your declarations every once in a while.  See where you have been strong and congratulate yourself.  Where you have not been so successful encourage yourself

Bed Angel Time Review
Take 5-10 minutes before you retire & do a mental review of your day,
Release any remaining negativity-anger. worry, stress
Give your up coming sleeping hours over to the angels – asking them that they keep you safe and that you wake up refreshed.

Color & Sound
Angels like very light colors-white, pale blue, mauve, pink..They also like shiny things so be sure to use lots of silver and gold.  Incorporate these colors as much as you can into your wardrobe and your décor.
They are also very fond of high light sounds.  A wind chime, or a tinkling bell would be helpful. Also light airy music – instrumental – no words.

Implement as many of these techniques as you can to your lifestyle. Change it will not happen “zap, boom, you’re done” But over the span of a month or so you will see a dramatic change in the way in which you communicate with higher vibrational beings and angels

Based on the book “Messengers of Light” by Terry Lynn Taylor.

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