Thursday, October 19, 2017

Free Week End Reading 20 October

Not all readings are "light and fluffy" or "peace and joy".
If it is your commitment to be a true vessel for the Divine and touch people at soul level, you must be faithful to deliver the message as received in love and truth - not the message you think the client wishes to hear.
These cards fall:
*Healing*    *Friendship (upside down)*    *(Harmony upside down)*

              *Surrender*                                           *Guardian Angel*
The reading is:
In the past and the present, you have been on a path of long-term debilitating illness.  (or your current situation is one that will take you down the chronic debilitating path).

Friends (or those you thought to be friends) fail and abandon you.  (They are surprisingly shallow and just don't have what it takes to go the distance.)

Your world is turned upside down.

Forgive, be still and learn and understand.  Your guardian angel is always with you to protect and guide you - and will call on the heavenly host to lift and carry you when necessary.      

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