Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Woo Woo Life

The Reiki Awakening Academy will be publishing an Ezine called This Woo Woo Life
Stories of miracles, wonder, and healing
Launch date is 4/4!
We are looking for: article submissions - 300-400 word stories of how your "ordinary" life became "extraordinary" due to discovering your connection to energy/healing/angels/
anything metaphysical.
Contributors receive credit and a website link, and 1 free single session class at RAA! (In future issues there may be payment involved!), 
We are accepting Sponsors and Ads!
Reasonable prices for HUGE circulation!
Besides going out to the RAA mailing list, the Ezine will be posted on the RAA website and others (you may post it on yours if you want!), and it will be regularly tweeted, FB posted, and promoted! Go to for details!

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