Monday, February 13, 2012

I didn't always walk with Angels

I didn’t always commune with angels and walk with  spirit guides, get messages from Universe, see the energy field of auras and chakras, practice powerful Spirit guided energy healing on all levels (physical, emotional mental & spiritual).  I do this now because 30 years ago, I was given 6 months left to live and was bedridden without hope or alternatives. From a place of frailty, desperation & ignorance, I challenged Universe, I demanded answers. In response, I experienced the White Light, crossed death’s door and returned.   I began a metaphysical and holistic journey taught of Spirit not of books, of experience, not theory. I expected everything and got it – although sometimes not until just before I needed it.

Years later when the internet became a household standard and metaphysical authors burst onto the scene, I was amazed at the confusion and lack of understanding.  I built on my training as registered nurse by becoming certified in several disciplines of Reiki, Chios, Quantum Touch & others. I went on some fabulous (and some dud!) cruises & workshops – even an intense five day retreat with a Tibetan monk.  If it was remotely related to the human energy field, I soaked it up like a sponge.  Heck, I even bought an aura camera and ran it at expos for over a decade.  So I bring the experience of over 3,000 readings to yours.

About 20 years into my wellness journey, I began teaching simple healing classes like Reiki.  I taught academically and experientially.  Students seemed spellbound as a simple energy healing class wove itself into a tapestry of tarot, pendulums, ancestors, auras and more.  The classes stretched into events with students becoming friends, and single classes turning into multiple events stretching over lunch.  Class plans could be totally abandoned at Spirit’s whim and the whole time devoted to healing hearts, discovering someone’s life purpose.  Next people started coming not for healing classes but for personal issues and needed a few hours just for them – no cooking, no worries –just time out in a safe place with lots of fun toys (I even have a Segway!) to find answers.

Now those who can’t ignore that whisper any longer or need to know what their life’s calling is, or how to attain it, or need direction or clarity come to me for this 2 day / 1 night private session to receive the answers.

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