Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This week's "metaphysical start ups"   follow up is presented by Debbie Naillon of   EtherealTouch  as she reports of ways ways she made her new  business flow or not flow as the case may be.

It is interesting how my business seems to be flowing. I have never worried much about my infrastructure, though maybe I should be a bit more concerned about it than I am! I know that I have things set up well for the IRS end of things. I think that my website could use a bit more work, I seem to have a “round-to-it” problem in that I never seem to get around to it.

The best thing that I can advise anyone on when jumping into a metaphysical business is to listen to those guides that reside within you. I have changed my course of action several times now. Each time that I made a change, it was due to the fact that I followed my intuition. It has never proven me wrong yet.

A good example would be my Reiki Share that I am holding monthly. My first one I made the attempt to hold it exactly as I had envisioned within my minds eye. Not the eye of my guides, but my very own eye. I wanted a sharing of Reiki practitioners around a table, giving and receiving Reiki. I saw a very spiritual gathering as we meditated together and spread peace and love throughout our world.

What I had was a roomful of people that had never even heard of Reiki before. It ended up with me giving short one on one Reiki sessions to introduce people to Reiki. This left the rest of the gathering feeling awkward and uninvolved. It went all right, but it could have been so much better.

I was working on my second Reiki share, still leaning towards the same type of format as the first. I was trying to decide how to tweak it to make it work better. I was reminded to stop and listen to what I was being told. As a result, I changed what I was doing completely. Rather than having this spiritual gathering that I had envisioned, I went for something much more informative for those that came.

Again, several there knew nothing of Reiki. This time though, I did have a few that at least had a small working knowledge of energy work. Trusting that my guides knew what they were about, I began by telling of the Reiki grid I have up all of the time, inviting them to add names to it if they so desired. I gave a short demonstration of energy, having them rub their hands together and then feeling it for themselves.

Then came the change up that I had been told to do. I introduced them to the chakra system. Most had never heard of it so it was all new to them. I had a diagram up, explaining the colors and the relationship of each chakra to their physical and mental bodies. I wanted to use the chakra system to show just how energy work can make a difference within their bodies.

I had everyone gather around and watch as they each took turns upon my massage table. I used a pendulum and checked each of their chakras. The onlookers as well as the person on my table could see if the pendulum spun or not. Then I applied Reiki to the areas indicated by the pendulum as needing more work. I talked as I did this, explaining to those watching what I was doing. After giving Reiki to the chakra in need, I used the pendulum once again and this time it spun as it should. It was clear to all there that energy had done something to improve the status of the chakra. I lay upon the table myself and invited all those that wanted to try finding and checking my chakras to pick up a pendulum and give it a try.

This was such a good introduction to energy work! Each person there made an appointment to come and see me and I sold some pendulums as well! It made energy easier to understand when they could see the results in front of their eyes.

So my best advice is to not get so set in your mind that you have to do something one way that you can’t make the changes that are going to allow your business to grow. Be open to any thing that comes along and trust your intuition. It really does know more than you do. 

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