Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Keeping a Healer's Log

The Healer’s Log
Connie Dohan,
Instruction Coordinator
Reiki Awakening Academy

What is a healer’s log?  Why should you keep one?

A healer’s log is a record of data that you collect during your energy healing session.
It is a self assessment tool to increase your awareness of how the healing process works through you. Using it can increase your effectiveness as a healer.

Some healing modalities require a log of 100 hours as part of their completion process.  (Hint RAA may be developing some enriched courses requiring a log of healing sometime).

Using the example above –
Column #1 –your client’s initials only for privacy
Column #2 –area of the body or emotion  treated
Column #3 – on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being low/10 being high how does the
                                    client rate the discomfort before the treatment
Column #4 –what modality(s) you used
Column #5 - on same scale of 1-10  how does the client rate the discomfort after
                                   the treatment   
Column #6 - on same scale of 1-10  how does the client rate discomfort 7 days
                                   after the treatment (if a repeat client – you may not always be
                                   able to get anything for this column) 
Column #7 – record whether it was a local or distant healing
Column #8 - record where you were when you did the healing
Column #9 -  how long was the healing?
Column #10 – your total running time in minutes

Keep a record of your log for about a month.
Now take a look at it to see any patterns…

Perhaps most of your clients come to you for ear problems? Or rashes? Or bones?

Perhaps you find a pattern showing you that Practical Reiki is great for stress & eyes but Quantam Touch is better for bones.   

Maybe you’ll see that you have great success with joints but you haven’t found anything that works for you on muscles.

Or maybe a pattern showing different modalities are more effective for reducing stress in adults, children or animals?

You might see that your distance healing is stronger than you thought.

There are no right or wrong answers. 
This is your own personal journey of discovery. 
 Your results will be different from someone else. 
This is great way to make you more aware on your healing path.

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