Sunday, January 22, 2012

When all is lost & hope is a distant memory....

Are you scraping by each day ...or each an unending sea of despair?
Are walking without direction in a dreary shadow land?
Is the pain more than words can convey?
Is your diagnosis so huge it overwhelms you?
Is your heart shattered in so many pieces you  can no longer find them?

Have you cried out to God & heard only your own echo resounding back?

I've been there.  It led me to experience the White Light, to walk with angels, to pass through death's door and return.  

Let me encourage you to hang on for the next 15 minutes - you can do it.  Now do another 15 minutes.  If 15 minutes is too unmanageable, try 10 minutes, or even 5 minutes. Hours and days are too long and overwhelming; break your life into minutes instead.

When you are down so low, and things are so black that you can sink no farther, then you can find the Light.  Remember that darkness cannot be unless there is light.

Never fear the shadows - they only mean
there is a Light somewhere near by.

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