Sunday, January 15, 2012

Student Appreciation Week Plus this week's classes - Reiki Awakening Academy

It's Student Appreciation Week at Reiki Awakening Academy.  Different bonus gift each day this week with class sign ups.  Check it out!  click here
Classes you won't want to miss this week:
It's in the Cards ( quick & easy tarot)  Monday  click here

You Are Energy (disease markers in the aura)  Tuesday  click here

Animal Signs & Totems (Introduction)  Wednesday  click here

Weight Loss by the Chakras  (Is Your Aura Making You Fat?)  Thursday  click here

Light Workers:
As you tread YOUR path,
- respect and honor those great ones in your field as they have much to teach you.
-realize that you are being taught from their successes as well as their flops.
The saying goes "Every Master was once a Disaster!"
So if you are looking at your life right now & thinking "wow, what a mess",...
-Realize you've got all the ingredients you need.
- Add a generous splash of Spirit,
-stir with loving kindness,
-bake with faith
-and voila one Master.


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