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Metaphysical Start-ups - Ethereal Touch - $25 distance healing session!

This read is especially worth the while if you are just starting out.   Debbie is quite candid about her "business boo boos" and successes.

January 2012 Special

$25 Distance Healing Special! 
(note from Connie: a great service at a great price)

During the month of January I will be offering a distance healing session $25. Reiki is a very powerful energy healing method and you, as the Client, do not need to be within the walls of my brick and mortar building. Reiki energy transcends time and space in a wonderful way.

The angels are with me as well when I use Reiki. It is the perfect blend of Angel Healing and Reiki Healing. I have found this to be a very powerful combination. To take advantage of this special offer you can contact me through my website (click here) or email me directly(click here).

Life is a Journey

It is such an honor to me for Connie to have asked if I would like to contribute to her blog! Thank you Connie!

I shall start with a small amount of history leading up to the start of my business. I had never heard the word “Reiki” until my little sister told me that she thought I would be very good at giving Reiki. She lives in Dublin, OH and has had exposure to metaphysical thoughts and processes that I had never even heard of. I started researching Reiki to see if it was something that I would enjoy doing.

They say that when the time is right, the correct Master for you will be there. This was true for me as I had looked at one school to attend in Portland, Oregon but decided that the price was over our family’s current budget and I didn’t register. Then one day, I stumbled across a site that taught Reiki via distance. The instructor for Usui Reiki was David Scarbrough. It was a perfect match for me and I attained the Master Level in Usui Reiki.

I love giving Reiki and my sister was correct in her statement that I was a natural. I decided to open a business so that I could introduce others to this wonderful method of healing touch; I wished to teach at some point as well. The name of my business is Ethereal Touch which stands for a divine, delicate, or heavenly touch. It seemed to fit my idea of what Reiki is. I found a very nice place within my budget to rent and set up my office. I went into an interesting period of my journey at this point.

It didn’t take me long to realize that my location wasn’t in a very optimal place. I was in an area of ultra conservative businesses with no street exposure at all. I had handed out gift certificates to several people, hoping that as they received their treatments and realized what Reiki was; word of mouth would help people find their way to my door. I put brochures out at the street level and had very high hopes. I set up my website and interacted with people via distance Reiki and discovered that I did very well with my distance healing, but still no income from any of this! I did get some nice testimonials though.

All things happen for a reason, I am a firm believer that I have been guided on this journey and that my destination is still forthcoming. I came up with the idea to move my office in August and combine forces with two of my girlfriends. They were also paying rent at different locations. One is a massage therapist, at Blue Numa Massage and the other teaches dance. We knew what we could afford for rent, meditated on that amount and what we needed for shop space and set out to see if we could find it.

Our first venture out, walking the streets of Centralia, Washington, we stumbled upon the perfect place. It has the room that we need, has a small park next to it, and the rent is exactly what we had set out the intention for it to be. The shop name is Beyond Antiquity – A Center Created for Well-Being. We are very proud of our shop. The upstairs is perfect for the Reiki room and the Massage room.

Before we were even ready to open, I had three new clients appear. They were paying clients! It was amazing. Through David Scarbrough, I found the Reiki Awakening Academy School of Intuitive Studies. Through my classes in the Academy I have learned so many new things and all things in my life have expanded to levels that I had never dreamed of in the past.

Currently, I am doing both distance and brick and mortar healings. Because of my very rural setting, the price for a regular Reiki Session is $45. I have also added Chios Healing, Power Reiki, and The Green Room Treatment to my list of healing sessions that I can offer to my Clients. I have started giving Angel Readings as well. I held my first Reiki Share/Circle last week to help the area learn more about Reiki. It was well received and I have two more new Clients as a result. This will be held monthly and I hope that the attendance continues to grow.

I am currently working on the curriculum for my first Practical Reiki Class to be held in January, 2012. I also have a pendulum class curriculum set up along with a class on meditation. We have opened a meditation room for use of the public during hours that we are open. Things are falling into place for me. I have found that when you open yourself up to whatever it is that the Universe has out there for you, the people and things that you need seem to find you. I have an entire network of people that have taught me so much about all things within this metaphysical world. I am finding new ones on a daily basis. They aren’t all within the human realm anymore as I have found that if I listen, there is guidance at an entirely different level that really wants me to succeed as well.

It is a journey, one that I thoroughly love and look forward to each and every day. I am learning constantly and I am very pleased that you will be able to travel this journey with me as well.

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