Monday, June 25, 2018

Group Healing - Connie's Way

In the energetic world, group healing refers to either:
-an individual sending energy to a group or
-a group sending healing energy to an individual

In the latter, the group generally intends together and lays hands physically on the individual or via surrogate or vision if remote.

I would like to suggest you think outside the box .

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When we meet for group healing at my place, we go from each of our strengths. It is a powerful experience and we learn not only from the healing process but also from each other.

We begin  by rubbing our palms and soles to ensure our healing and grounding chakras are wide open.
We then say our chosen invocation out loud in unison.
There is no music of any kind.

The person who will serve as vessel for healing stands with hands out stretched
The seer among us stands back and "sees"-often directing the vessel to different areas of the body/aura. 
The one who's clair is sensing, senses & and gives input to the vesssel.
Those who work with angels, ascednded masters, guides (and any being that is of the light) call in that energy and apply it to the situation.
Those gifted in deserning of spirits ensure spirit releasment and cleansing.
Those who receive messages relay them
Those who speak light language will speak or sing as the spirit gives utterance - moving in a clockwise (counter clockwise) fashion around the the table so as to create an energy vortrex.

No matter the gift, room is made for it.
If the group of light workers does not have experience working together, often one is assigned as the "conductor"/"team leader" over see the whole picture and facilitate the best out come possible.

It is equally powerful remote as live.

Grab some "like minded people" and give it a try!

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