Monday, June 4, 2018

Vibrational Sound Association 6 Day Training


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Connie here
This week I am reporting (in 350 words or less?) on my 6 day training session last week with the Vibrational Sound Association.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve invested in myself by attending a minimum of three continuing education type energy healing/metaphysical training sessions every year.  Venues have included everything from land to cruise ship throughout North America, South America, the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe.  Topics have included the bizarre, the obscure, the profound, the not so profound.  All had varying degrees of information and illumination.

The Vibrational Sound Association was one of the most awesome ones I’ve ever attended.  It exceeded my expectations.

Venue was the Hampton Inn Suites in Hillard Ohio.  It should have been good, but it was dowdy, poorly situated – not near the Airport and not near any metaphysical shops or points of interest.  There were major issues not well handled by the staff.  But, getting passed all that…

Attendance was limited to 10 and over 300 singing bowls and assorted toys greeted us each morning.  The huge Manual was very detailed making  note taking unnecessary and allowing us two apply our full attention to learning hands on in class.

Creative and engaging techniques using water and balloons were used to show us the direction, strength and duration of vibration of the bowls when combined with the many different kinds of strikers.

We worked as partners, rotating partners with each session and received typical sound treatments.   As well, we were encouraged to create our own intuitive use and placement of the bowls with time provided to experiment with all the equipment  We created some pretty unique sessions!

The group of 10 meshed amazingly well.  There was no ego, and everyone was amazingly authentic.  The group included energy workers, massage therapist and music therapists.

After additional hands on work, students can become certified and be placed on the practitioner resource page.  Look for me there! 

VSA supports its graduates with lifelong significant discount on future purchases. It has a yearly trip to Thailand as well as a yearly USA convention-2018  in September in Nebraska.  It has its own warehouse and makes/sources his own bowls strikers and accessories.  It has an innovative and helpful staff.

The course appears time and money intensive but it won’t disappoint you.

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