Friday, April 24, 2015

My Special Angel

My Special Angel

Although I have seen many, many angels, this un-named one is dear to my heart and she appears in many variations of color and theme in almost everything I do.

          I get many questions about her – especially why I do not make her "fluffy and angel-like".
The answer is simple. She appeared this way!

One afternoon, I took a nasty fall. Carrying a full load of laundry, I could not see that the next step - second from the top - had a carton of Mountain Dew on it.  I flipped over the case and fell head long down the full flight of stairs.  I was alone, badly shaken and could not call out for help or reach a phone.

Just as my head was hitting the wall at the bottom of the stairs I felt a “cushion” materialize to break my fall. Looking up, I saw that it was not a cushion but part of the raiment of the hugest heavenly being I could ever imagine.  All facial features were obliterated by an unearthly white light; the hair was every color yet colorless.  As well the raiment and wings were a kaleidoscope of every texture, color and experience in earth and heaven.  No earthly words can capture the splendor. 

          The angel quite matter-of-factly appeared, picked me up, dusted me off and sent me on my way without so much as a scratch or a bruise to show for the incident. A sprinkling of laundry all over the room was the only testament to the fact that something had gone awry.  I was stuck in a time warp.  The incident seemed to last forever but at the same time was timeless and transpired in just a moment of time.

The angel did not give a name and I did not think to ask. So now, I just fondly say “my angel” or “Connie’s angel”.

Some angels may be "light and fluffy" but a big strong one suits me just fine

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