Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hospice Training, Dying, the Death Angel

The Angel of Death

In times gone by, community and extended family were the norm. Family members participated in birthing as well as dying.  

In today's age, the extended family no longer exists and the community is very fractured. We no longer naturally experience birth or dying in a natural way.

What used to be the norm we now take lessons for and courses as well.  We try to separate ourselves from the actual death  part of life by fancy arrangements so that we don't actually have to deal with the death and dying.

Reiki Awakening Academy is currently offering a fabulous set of online hospice classes with a Hospice Companion Certificate upon completion. So I thought the timing would be right to discuss the death Angel in the blog.

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Death and dying has received a bum rap. Those who have experienced and related their life after death experiences do not report terror and damnation. They report amazing light and love. I add my voice to theirs.

Let ME be a Light to you
On your darkened road.
Let ME be a Light for you –
Help you bear your load.
As your night grows darker,
Know that I am here.
I can make your darkness Light
And take away your fear.

As your evening turns to night,
Let Me be your Light.
Let me wrap you in My arms –
Hold you  through the night.

Let Me take your darkness
And turn it into day
Let  Me be a Light for you
Show you a better way.

DO NOT FEAR your final breath.
Know that I am near.
Death is but a doorway
To get you over here.

As your night grows longer,
And you cannot last,
Let us walk together
Through death’s door at last.

Let Me turn your night to day
So you will clearly see
This not the end – but the start
Of life in eternity.

I can make your darkness day
Take away the fear.
Let Me show you a better way -
Know that I am near.

It is said that angels Jibril, Mikkhiel and Israel watch over the dying.

ArchAngel Azrael (sometime seen spelled as Azriel) is the Death Angel.  He separates the soul from the body and receives the spirit.

He is  depicted in many ways in many cultures but as far as I can determine, his distinguishing feature is that his halo appears to be more up right - like at ninety degree angle to the normal horizontal.

In my experience, the oval ring also looks more like a solid upright plate.  To me it looks like the Time Chakra (the first out of body chakra) (the chakra about 6" above the crown) is upended...possibly signifying the end of time as we know it.


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