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(Mis)Adventures with Angels -Appearances Can Be Deceiving

one of my "angel stories"
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8 Angels:  Function & Appearance

Angels are incarnate beings, meaning they are, by definition, spiritual beings that take on a human form.  They are messengers sent from God.  They can deliver messages from God or be sent from God in a response to human need. 
One of the more difficult things about identifying angels is that they have been portrayed in so many different ways over the ages, it becomes difficult to know what we are looking for. 
Remember that angels are incarnate and they will take on whatever human-like form is necessary in order to fulfill God’s command.  They will appear to you in whatever way will be most understandable and acceptable to you.  One of my personal examples of this is as follows.
Due travel arrangements going very much awry, my sister and I found ourselves stranded after midnight at a bus station in a very seedy part of town - it was an area noted for muggings and robberies.  We were dressed to the nines, with a wheel chair, and obviously did not blend in with the crowd.  I was able to contact a wheel chair cab company just before my cell phone died; although we were hopeful that the cab would get there, we were not at all certain that it would be dispatched for at least half an hour.
We looked about to see where might be the best place to hide out.  We searched for somewhere we might see the transportation should it actually show up, while at the same time trying to be hidden from the bevy of panhandlers and those obviously inebriated and / or high on some form of pharmaceuticals.
We “surveyed the land” and saw there was only one suitable place to sit – one that did not have a body passed out in, over, or under it.  The location was outside, where snow was falling lightly; given the geography and time of the year, the bench outside was too cold for most of the people.  My sister and I were well dressed and we agreed to make it to that particular bench and hope for the best waiting outside.  We dragged ourselves and our belongings over to the bench - amid whistles, cat calls, requests for money, drugs and other things we did not understand but were sure were not flattering or offers to be considered. 
We had not even caught our breath before the first obviously inebriated body approached us.  We were able to deflect him but he was obviously not happy.  Suddenly, a “local” young man came from around the corner and plopped himself on the small empty spot on the bench beside me.  My immediate thought was “Oh, No! This could be trouble.”  As I steeled myself for a long night, I realized the man looked like everyone but was clear eyed and did not smell of alcohol.  I turned to look at him, and he simply said, “I’ll stay here as long as you need me.”  I thought it a rather odd thing to say but was too tired to argue; so I just sat there counting the minutes until the transport was due to arrive.  I began to notice this “local” was deflecting everyone who came our way.
The transport did finally show and my sister and I breathed a sigh of relief as we lugged our heavy belongings to it.  The young man was right behind us with the belongings we had been unable to manage on our initial trip; he deftly fit all our big things in the small trunk of the transport.
I bent my head for less than thirty seconds to get out a tip and when I looked up he was gone.  My sister and I were confused.  It was then we noticed that there were only two sets of foot prints (hers and mine) everywhere the three of us had been.
That was an example of God responding to our spoken or unspoken cry for help by sending a “one time” angel. 

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