Tuesday, January 7, 2014

(Mis-)Adventures with Angels.."Through the Eyes of a Child"

We are all born seeing angels and the invisible world around us.   Some of us bring this ability with us into adulthood knowing that we are "odd" and perceive what others do not.
Most children discard their angels ("invisible friends") along with their toddler toys when they are teased about it.  Others who want to be "all grown up" see that adults do not see angels therefore shut down their angels in order to be "grown up just like daddy" (or mommy).

I see angels - how that came about is a whole other story.   I have been on the receiving  end of many, many blessings. As my name implies, I walk AmidAngels.  I do not consider their hourly presence with me odd or miraculous.  I would consider their absence odd and even lonely.  My life has been forever changed by these heavenly  messengers.

I have traveled all across the contiguos USA doing holistic/psychic/metaphysical expos (like Victory of Light in Cincinnati) doing aura photography and chakra balancing with my aura camera/chakra biofeedback  machine. This is technically not "woo woo" as we have been able to make man made equipment  to capture this portion of the world we cannot see with our naked eye.

Often these expos have free teaching/lecture sessions for the attendees. I usually was a part of  this teaching  chakra balancing but on occasion did "Angels and Auras" which included a free mini angel reading for class attendees. 

On one such occasion, in Columbus Ohio, things were proceeding as planned.  I arrived at my classroom early (box of tissues in hand as expereince had shown me that people often find themselves overwhelmed and weepy in the presence of angels).

 I did  the promised freebie mini angel reading for the early birds -name of their major angel, any brief message the angel might have plus any other angels present.

I stopped readings to begin my prepared presentation promptly on the hour.  I was briefly alarmed by the size of he class which was approximately 30 and growing by the minute but figured I could give each their reading if I stuck to my notes and delivered the info at a good clip.

As the class room continued to swell, it became apparent that time dictated lecture or free readings but not both.  Readings it was.  I started going down the line one by one - the box of tissue getting much lighter..  As the clock ticked on, time flew by but the line up for free reading didn't seem to be shortening at all.  So, I decided to tighten things up and just do the major angel and message - ignoring any secondary angels that might be present.

I was relieved to be moving on to my third abbreviated reading, sighing a huge sigh of relief that all was going well and this was going to all work out after all.

Suddenly a 4 year old child stood on his chair.  Pointing at the first abbreviated reading i'd done, he belted out in a clear crisp voice "Hey every one, this teacher (me)is no good!!  She only told that lady about one angel. The lady has three.  Teacher missed two!".  He was right.  The lady did have three.  I had opted to talk about only one to save time

Can you say "awkward pause/awkward moment?!

So, put in my place by a child, I reverted to my full readings with no further audience input.

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