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Angels, Guides, Amcestors - the book first 17 pages

my book  the first 17 pages

Angels, Guides, Ancestors

By Connie Dohan

Copyright © 2012 Connie Dohan
Editor:  Alice Langholt
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 1479106410
ISBN-13: 978-1479106417


I did not always walk with angels and commune with all the other helper beings the universe has provided for us.
I had heard of angels, in fact a Christmas tree usually had one on top of it.  I did not realize that angels actually existed along with guides and ancestors as a valuable resource readily available to help us any time.
In my early thirties, I found myself a wife and mother and bound by the chains of end stage Parkinson’s disease.  Stiff, drooling, incontinent, unable to hold a pen or spoon, words coming out all jumbled, and all the wonders of Medical Technology within my reach, I continued to deteriorate.  I spent long periods confined to bed with many, many hours to review my situation.
I determined that all my years of training as a registered nurse and all my life experience were of no value in the world in which I now found myself.  I had certainly tried the appropriate medical treatments with little or no results.  I decided that if looking inside the box for all the answers did not work, perhaps it was time to look outside the box.  What did I have to lose?  I had given man (medical science) the chance to fix me and I could not even get out bed by myself.  So I decided to go to the Source.  I said to the universe, “God, you made me; you fix me.  It’s time for the real thing; no generic parts list or factory substitutions.”
Zappo!  Nothing – at least not instantaneously!  However, over the next few weeks, as I had left myself open to receive, I began to receive small answers in synchronicities and coincidences.  As I learned to open myself up more, I began to realize that these signs and symbols that were falling onto my path were at the hands of helper beings.
What I now see as angels, guides, and deceased loved ones, I saw for many years as just “helper beings”.  I had just lumped them all together as helpers from heaven, not really caring about what rank or status they held.
I do not believe I am alone in my desire to communicate with these beings.  As a teacher, one of the most popular questions from my students continues to be, “What do my angels look like, and can you draw them?”
This book attempts to help you identify and communicate with the three planes most commonly known in the human energetic field as ancestors, guides, and angels. 
At first you see nothing, do not worry.  That is how most people start.  Just keep at it and you will get results.  The biggest mistake people make in trying to see any of the helper beings, or in fact anything in the aura, is that they try too hard.  When you look at the aura, do not squint and try to pull anything out of it.  That is hard work and is usually unsuccessful.  Just gaze lazily in the area in which you are interested, and allow things to come to you as opposed to going to them.
And do not give up.  They are real – it may take time, but you will find them.


Dedicated to Bill
My husband, my lover, my best friend,
My soul mate, my confidant,
My holder of light at the end of every dark tunnel

Table of Contents

In our fast-paced, instant world of the 21st century, we have greatly changed from previous generations.  Some of the change is good, as technology and medicine have improved most people’s the standard of living.  However, some of it has left us isolated, and reliant on the technology.  We prize self-reliance, demand instant answers to all our questions, and instant solutions to all our problems.
Years ago, we used to reach out for help.  We relied on spiritual guidance, or on other beings - guides, angels and ancestors - that were commonly accessible through spiritual or energetic practices.  However, today, these beings have been relegated to the back shelf.  At best, we use angels as tree toppers at Christmas time or relegate them to be frilly little things for decorating house and home.  If we even mention talking to or hearing from guides, or communicating with departed family members, we will be greeted with strange looks and considered to be a candidate for a psych ward.
What a pity!
In our sophistication of the 21st century, we have discarded those things of the past that cannot be easily explained and are not of a sufficiently sensational manner to merit funding for additional research.  Angels, guides, and ancestors fall into this category. 
However, these energetic bodies are all available to us for help us and provide information for decision making.  But, sadly, we do not know how to hear them or access their knowledge.  We certainly are not educated about beings.
Alternatively, home environments no longer provide learning opportunities for the younger generation to develop communication practices for the unseen, nor any chance for the young to practice under the watchful eyes of the older, experienced generations.  A child’s “invisible friend” is considered to be cute.  It is whimsical; it is creative.  It is, in reality, his birth guide or angel.  However, it is also something taught to be discarded before adulthood.  Therefore, most children learn to shut the door on this part of their life well before entering kindergarten.  Children do as they see adults doing, and that includes life without help from the other side.  Sadly, when the time comes to need to gain access to that door again, they have forgotten how, or lack the confidence and belief that they can do it.
This book cannot reverse the technological and environmental changes that have occurred, nor would that be appropriate.  Instead, this book sets out to provide an alternative training means for recognizing opportunities to develop a relationship with these helper beings.
The journey will include theory and instruction in the human energy field, also known as the subtle body.  This energy field surrounds the physical body and is the communication layer between the physical body and the helper beings.
You will be introduced to concepts such as auras and chakras.  Auras are energy fields that surround the physical body.  Chakras are energy processing centers within the physical body. 
The introduction of the human energy field will be your road map to the higher reaches where angels, guides, and ancestors can be found.
Let the journey begin!

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