Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to Talk to Angels

How to Talk to Angels
I get this question often. The answer is – simply, crisply, and clearly. Speak in plain English.  Be direct and specific - no hinting or wishing but directly state your needs.

There is technically no “correct one way to summon an angel.

In fact, when I find myself in a bind “H-E-L-P ANGELS” suffices.

Definitely there should be no “thees’ or ‘thous’.
Dear angel-eths, I need your help-eth to doeth the thingeth that musteth be doneth.  Angels are not stuck back in the old days. They understand modern English just fine.

The simple rules of common courtesy apply.
The more specific you can be as to which angel you are calling, and why, the better result you will have.

For example you can call on the “heavenly host”, a group of angels, if you don’t know which specific angel fits the bill or feel they need for many angels. A group might include the Angels of abundance, relationships, etc.

Or ideally, you would know the specific angel you need and call on him by name - such as Raphael for healing.

Googling “angel invocation” will yield a multitude of formal “prayers” to use.  However, sometimes you need an angel when the Internet is inaccessible.

If you aren’t comfortable talking “ad lib” with the Angels, a simple form to have on hand to fill in could be:
(angel’s name), I call upon (Angel’s function or power) to assist me in (problem) so that I can (final result). Thank you in advance.

An example of this filled in would be:
(Raphael), I call upon (your healing power) to assist me in (this healing session) to the end that (it is done in the highest and best good of Client’s Name). I thank you in advance.

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