Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Angels Among Us (angels and the chakras)

The chakras are an amazing font of knowledge and power. Energy healers should know them well

Ummm  what does this have to do with angels?

Put your hand palm down on the top of your head. Just notice what you notice. Don’t push or strain. You might feel a hot or cold, tingling, hear static,  see color or any number of things. There’s no wrong answer.

Now with palm side of the hand still facing down to the cranium, slowly raise your hand up about 6”.. It will feel like you are going through blank space. And then at approximately 6” you will sense something that makes you want to stop, something will be different
You have just located one of the out of body chakras.
It is disc shaped and looks like this:

Like any of the other chakras can be dysfunctional and when it is, it looks like this:

In older days when people’s eyes were not bombarded with synthetic stimuli-TV computers etc. they really saw many things which we now struggle with.

Take a second look at how angels have become depicted. 
It’s amazing what you can see when you learn the anatomy of the chakras.

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