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What is an attunement? Columbus Super Sizzler

What is an attunement?
Columbus Ohio Super Sizzler


In simplest terms, an attunement is the process of a person with a certain type of energy passing that energy to a person who does not have that energy.
The sending/transmitting of the attunement usually lasts anywhere from a few minutes upto 15 minutes.  The receiving is instantaneous but the "side effects" can last a few days.

Attunements can be done live or remotely queued or remotely in time when the two people cannot meet in person.  In person you will usually find they can involve a light touch but can be hands off.  Sometimes a gentle blowing is involved.

What to expect
The sender will advise the receiver of any preparation necessary.  Usually this is simply to be well rested and to have a certain stance (sitting, standing, the eyes opened or closed, hand position etc)
The sender will then transmit the energy in the manner prescribed for that particular attunement.

The recipient will receive the energy in the manner directed by the sender.  This may happen right away or could have a delayed effect of up to 48 hours, or even happen gradually over a few days.
Everyone receives energy differently.
The recipient may feel a sensation of heat going through the body or a part of it.  Or, they may have a prickly feeling.  A few other sensations might be:
-        hearing a static or crackling noise
-        Sensing of hot or cold
-        Sensation of light pressure
-        Sensation of a gentle breeze
-        Seeing multicolors or a single vivid color
-        (Many people who dream in and black and white often report dreaming in color after an attunement).
Rarely recipients report mild side effects-most commonly a mild head ache.  In this case, the sender should be contacted.  The sender should be well experienced and will offer a few simple remedies.  These usually entail drinking lots of water to flush the system as well as grounding exercises.

Attunements work on many levels and with higher powers. Most people think of attunements as connected with healing modalities such as Reiki, Chios and the like.  However there are numerous other attunements that stand alone such as angel attunements. chakra attunements, intuition attunements and more.
No matter the type of attunement, the objective is two-fold.
Firstly, it is so that the recipient can attune to the energy and use it appropriately. 
Secondly, it is so the recipient can pass it on to others.  (The recipient should expect to receive a manual for that particular attunement which includes clear instructions on how to pass it on as well as FAQs about that attunement.)

Can an attunement fail?
It is important to know that the attunement process fails if the recipient just receives the energy.  The recipient should learn to be a clear channel/vessel through which this energy flows.  As well, it should most importantly deepen the recipient’s connection to the Divine.  So many times people see the gift (new energy) don't see the giver (the Divine).

A final thought
Attunements are great for your personal development.  As well, they are ideal to incorporate into any business.  They
- are always in stock
- don’t take up any storage space
-never need dusting
-have no stale/use by date
-never go out of vogue.

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