Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chios Healing Most Frequently Asked Question

Look Up

After 7 years of teaching and attuning students world wide, I would like to offer an answer to the question that I get asked most often.
"But I don't see colors....."
The misconception that so many people have (and what I have found to be the cause of the highest drop out rate of Chios) is the idea that you have to SEE colors.
The phrase should be  “see, sense, feel or perceive” the aura.
You may not see the aura but you may HEAR it like a static or soft music,  you may  FEEL it like a tingle or a heat in your hands, or just have a KNOWING that it is there.
It is important that you know how you perceive the energy field and approach Chios from that angle.
The chios level 1 attunement will not make you see colors although it  may cause that door to begin to open.
When taught by me, you understand how you perceive energy and work with your strengths to compile the info you need to work with the energy system.

 Chios training is now in progress at Reiki Awakening Academy.
You can be a chios master by year's end.


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