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Mastering the Chakras: Lesson 4 (The 12 point system)

The 12 Point System

The 12 point system is much more sensible to use in energy healing.
It encompasses the seven in body chakras plus five of the close out of body chakras.
It is represented like so:
Chakras 1-7
-Review lesson one if necessary if you feel uncertain about any of these chakras.

Chakra 8
This is the Time Chakra.
You locate it by placing your palm face down on top of your head.
Slowly move the hand upward.
At roughly the  6" mark you  should notice a drag, a stick, a bump, a static, a ledge  or something that makes you say "wait a minute  -some thing different here".
You have located  the 8th chakra.
It houses every thing to do with time.
Your past and present lives are found here.
An error in this chakra would manifest as the person that is perpetually early or late for appointments or the person that goes from bad relationship to bad relationship not knowing when to quit.

Chakra 9
This is the Soul Chakra.
You  or may not be able to sense it depending on the exact position of the chakra & the length of your arms.  
Once you have  found chakra 8, continue upward with your hand (palm facing down ward) for approximately another 12" until you sense something that makes you want to stop. 
This is the 9th chakra.
It houses your life's purpose/soul's calling.
An error here results in a person that is a drifter-wandering aimlessly from city to city, job to job.

Chakra 10
This is the Earth Star or grounding chakra.
It is located between the ankles and about 6" below the earth.
When we are not properly connected here, we are said to "have our heads in the clouds", "to be so heavenly bound that we're no earthly good", "flighty", "exciteable".

Chakra 11
This is the Source Connection Chakra.
It is actually comprised of 4 chakras - one in each palm and one in the sole of each foot.
The two in the feet must be open in order to ground properly.
If they are not or if you are in doubt, simply massage the mid point of the arch of the foot for  about 30 seconds.
The two in the palms of the hands must be open so as to allow energy to flow out in healing.
If they feel clogged  or if in doubt , massage the center of the palm for about 30 seconds.

Chakra 12
This is the spine.
It is also called the secondary chakra system.
It holds all the attributes - faith, prosperity, gratitude etc.
It will be dealt with in a subsequent lesson.

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