Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mastering the Chakras: Lesson 3

The 4th chakra, the heart chakra, the bridge chakra......

Clearing the Color Confusion-

There has been confusion over the color of the heart chakra.  In some cases it is depicted as pink
At others times  it is depicted as green.  
And still others it is shown as both green and pink.  
Which is correct?
Green is the color of the heart chakra.
Why then is it some times represented as pink?
There's a smallish chakra slightly behind the green heart chakra.  This smallish chakra is the thymus - sometimes called the upper heart chakra.  
Its color is pink.
The early authors unwittingly lumped the two of them together.
The confusion and the error remain to this day.
The 4th chakra is probably the most important one in the seven dot system.
It is the bridge between spiritual plane and the physical plane.

The Rosy Glow

This method came about when a friend of a client came to me saying she had tried everything else and was coming to me as a last ditch hope. (what a compliment eh?)

She had taken and a rescue dog that had been abused.  She was the last stop between heaven and earth as the dog was going to put down as it could not be with people-growling and biting.

She had it for three weeks and if anything it was worse than better.

It was early on in my practice and the only real experience I had with animal was a childhood cat which lived mostly outside and didn’t like to be petted.

In that ignorance is bliss, I assumed the dog’s problem would be simple and told  her to give me half an hour to research and then come back.   

The moment she was out the door, I dropped into meditation – asking spirit for an answer to this dog’s problem.
The answer was astonishingly  simple and more than a little embarrassing to present.

The action was to envelope the dog inside and out with the color rosy pink.  Pink in the cage, pink on the wall that it looked at, pink collar even though it was a boy, pink dish, pink toys, rose quartz in the drinking water and bath water.  And any energy healing sent to the dog should have a rosy hue to it.  Any time she looked at the dog she should surround it with a pink glow.  It could never have enough pink.

The results were remarkable. 

 Within three weeks the dog was able to be in the family with children.  I lost track of  the family after a year but during that time the dog became gentler & gentler as they continued to surround him that the color pink.  There were no episodes of growling or untoward behaviour.

I started to experiment with the color pink-the color of love. 
I discovered that casting a rosy glow around a person place or thing had remarkable results.   

Whoever or whatever was clothed in rosy glow became lovable.  Children that were being ostracized at school had the teasing let up, some even began to make friends. 
A rosy glow put on an application for employment caused the application to be raised to the top of the pile.  The applicant did not necessarily get the job but he had a go at an interview any way.   

Any time I wanted anything to turn out in a pleasant manner I use a rosy glow.  I know people in sales - especially high pressure sales - have reported to me that they’ve their sales have increased since they started using the rosy glow on themselves.  It doesn't  necessary cinch the sale but it makes people drawn to them and they get first chance that a sale.

Childrenwho  are having problems with the teacher or employees that the boss just does not like can cover them shelves with a rosy glow and find it slowly but surely /often quickly the relationship takes a turn for the better and the work environment is far less tense.


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