Saturday, June 21, 2014

PINK ALERT for card readers

Here's a tip-little known fact for all you readers out there.
It is easy to miss this one or  get tripped up on it.
Pink surrounding a reading generally indicates birth - usually a girl.
And what about those angel and other oracle cards that tell of  "a happy new addition" or birth upcoming?

You can draw these & find the woman has had a hysterectomy..oops.  Or you can draw them for someone past child bearing age and incorrectly extrapolate the addition to be a grand child..oops again!

Any pink or oracle card which states a birth or  work with children is in the future can also be read as entrepeneur
cards - the birth of a business.

So, if you find yourself drawing pink or baby cards and they don't  seem to fit, approach the reading from the angle of a new business and you might have better success.

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