Thursday, June 5, 2014

MeetUp Notes

As I promised answers & the MeetUp website seems to be down this morning, I will post here & hope you all find your way here.

Just few points- of clarification and general house keeping:

Last night's class notes:
-these have been emailed and all attendees should be in receipt by now.

Next Meeting
INTUITION has been scheduled

-those of you at last night 's meet-up received the June Coupon sheet
-if you intend on using the "bring a friend for free" option, please register a usual and then phone, email, or message me with your friend's name so that things can be ready.

-there are no refunds.
-however if you pay for a meet-up and then miss it, you can use it as a credit to any future meet-up or merchandise. Just email me so that I know you're coming

Free Stuff
-I encourage you all to go to
-check out all the free stuff and for sure sign up for free reiki circle
-if any of my classes interest you, use chios at the exit code for $10 off

Dang, I really wanted that meet-up
If you miss a meeting of particular interest, I will repeat it at a non Wednesday time for a minimum of 2 people at the low meet-up price.

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