Monday, July 18, 2011

New Things About the Chakra System

Chakras are real
-seers  can see them
bio feed back machines can sense & image them.

Did you know that the chakra system has 2 sides - a front and a back.
Both must be balanced for wellness.

The front responds & balances to color - visual stimuli
The rear responds & balances to sound - audial stimuli. Each chakra  has its own tone - musical note.

The front side of the system holds the present - the symptom
(example base chakra #1 front side I Exist..
malfunctioning -suicidal tendancies, loss of will to live.)

The rear side of the system holds the past -the cause
(what led up to the malfunction in the case of  the suicidal front base...
the  gene pool, the life experience, the medicine etc

Why treat the symptom when you can target the cause?

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