Saturday, June 11, 2011

Power Reiki for Weight Loss - How does it work?


Power Reiki for Weight Loss – How does it work?

It is becoming widely accepted that the health of the human body is dependent on the free flow of Energy throughout it.  Different cultures call this energy by different names.  You may recognize it by Chi, Ki, Prawna, Huna. Universal Life Force Energy or other.

When this Energy is free flowing throughout the physical, emotional & subtle (aura, chakras & meridians) body there is health.  Where ever the Energy is blocked or cloudy or sluggish there is dysfunction, disease or pain.

Every disease/dysfunction (obesity included) is caused by its own combination of blockages and clogs.  And each combination of blockages/clogs results in its own specific pattern in the energy field.

Doctors recognize disease by patterns in the physical and emotional bodies.
Energy workers recognize disease/dysfunction by patterns in the subtle body.
Power Reiki for Weight Loss identifies a specific aberrant energy pattern that accompanies excess poundage in the physical body.

Through a set of targeted attunements, Power Reiki for Weight Loss restores the aberrant energy pattern to norm allowing the excess pounds to fall off safely and naturally without cravings, munchies or hunger pangs.

The attunements work equally as well live as remote.   They can be purchased singly or in bundles.

For a limited time, the first attunement is being offered for $25.  What do YOU have to lose?? 

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