Friday, June 17, 2011

Angel Humor

As you get to know angels and angel energy, you will find angels have quite a sense of humor, often quite dry.  Because they have never had a human body, they do not understand any of our idioms and often take us at our word literally. 

One of my favorite examples of this would be Matt’s first encounter with angels.  I had been encouraging Matt for some time about the existence of angels and their presence in his life. He was of the “I believe, but show me” frame of mind.

He travelled often with work.  During one evening of one trip, travelling through the hills of Virginia, he was feeling especially despondent and gloomy.  He decided to try calling out to the angels as I had suggested. He said out loud “All right angels in the back seat of the car – I can’t see you, but Connie says you’re there.  I just need some sign – a light at the end of the tunnel here.”  

Sure enough, the next mountain tunnel he went through, he saw a Bud Lite beer truck on the side of the road. Literally, there was “Light” (Lite) at the end of the tunnel.

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