Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quarterly News Letter

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lightworkers Intensive Enrolling Now! Only 6 spots!

Dear Healers and Seekers,

Welcome to our Winter Quarter!

We know that most of you are busy with holiday gift purchases, preparing dinners, and busy with family and friends. With that in mind, we want to offer you a gift from us.
It's the new - no-cost -  Instant Insight   series- and it happens EVERY MONTH! (We meant it when we said "gift"!)

Best of all, it's open to everyone, and there's no fee. Read more and register below!

We also want to announce that the Lightworkers Intensive, our intimate and comprehensive program - truly a concentrated, focused curriculum designed to immerse a small number of students in accelerated growth - is now open for enrollment. For the first time we are offering this program both online and locally in Columbus, Ohio. 

Read about it below!


Instant Insight
Our new no-cost monthly classes!

We've started a series to empower you! We want to show everyone that intuitive abilities are something that are accessible to everyone, and easily utilized!
To do this, we've started the new Instant Insight series! There's no cost - just register and you're in!

Each month, we'll tackle another topic. Come and get practical, straightforward instruction, and try some new techniques that will show you how to instantly tap into your intuition. And each class offers a special bonus package available at a huge discount only for those who attend the free class!

The first in the series is Instant Insight - Get Answers from the Cards
Are you feeling stuck? Looking for direction in your life? Would you like a way to receive immediate, powerful and accurate answers to your questions?

This free class will empower you to get the guidance you need, whenever you need it. You will learn a practical, simple technique to use cards to access answers. Use this method for yourself, and others. Develop a new income stream by giving readings with confidence using the information gained in this class.

This is Connie's personal technique that she's used for over a decade to give readings to thousands of clients. She is sharing it in this free class, only through Reiki Awakening Academy. No experience or previous knowledge of cards is necessary! Connie will offer demonstration readings and answer all of your questions. Be sure to stay until the end, as there will be an exclusive bonus package offer only available to those who are present.


The RAA Lightworkers Intensive Program 
Enrolling now - begins in January!
Only 6 spots open online and 6 in Columbus, OH.
Imagine learning together in an intimate setting with the same small group of students for nine months. You discover and appreciate each other’s strengths and skills and watch each other grow, as you yourself become aware of your own shifts. You receive personalized one-on-one coaching towards your own goals. You progress, fully supported, from where you are, to Practitioner, and to Master Teacher, ready to be a confident and successful holistic professional in the field. This is what the Lightworkers Intensive Program is all about.
The Syllabus for the Columbus, OH program with Connie is here.
The Syllabus for the Online program with Alice is here.
Class size is limited to 6 for each program.

This program meets approximately twice per month, and includes lecture and practicum in every lesson. You also receive an individual Mentoring Session each Section, to accelerate your progress and overcome your challenges.
All textbooks and materials are included in the course fee!
Students completing the program receive a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Energy Healing and credit toward the Certificate in Holistic Studies.
The Lightworkers Intensive is offered online, as well as locally in Columbus, OH. A maximum of six students will be accepted for each location to provide the most individual interaction and intimate setting.
All instruction units are transferable for credit in the Holistic Studies Program, should any students want to take the Lightworkers Intensive in fulfillment of these classes. 
Graduates of the program will be offered a listing as a Recommended Practitioner on the RAA website, and an official framed certificate as a graduate of the RAA Lightworkers Intensive.
If you feel called to be part of the Lightworkers Intensive, don't wait. The program begins just after the new year, and enrollment is limited!

We want to include all who are interested, but we will only accept the first six who register. The rest will be put on a waiting list, and can be first for next year's program.

At Reiki Awakening Academy:
Our classes
 help you learn healing tools, techniques, skills, and more. You really experience them and can use them immediately.

Products in our store 
help you tap into your intuition and encourage healing. Our books are user-friendly guides to help you to understand esoteric concepts.
Expand your life!

With love,
Alice & Connie

Reiki Awakening Academy
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Monday, December 9, 2013

My Favorite Things - Holiday Punch


The Story
This can technically be called an "award winning recipe".  I won 1st prize for it (a $50 gift certificate to the local deli) in the local community fest in North Vancouver where I lived many years ago.  
It has become a family favorite for any special occasion.
It is very versatile & forgiving.  
It is equally nice spiked or  plain as you will see.

The Method
Combine in your biggest bowl or pot & pour into jugs (or re-cycled 2 liter pop bottles):

-frozen pink lemon-ade 
            brand x is fine
             approximately 12 oz can - one large or 2 small
             frozen or thawed but straight from the can 
                      (DO NOT re-constitute with water)

-frozen orange juice
            brand x is fine
             approximately 12 oz can - one large or 2 small
             frozen or thawed but straight from the can 
                      (DO NOT re-constitute with water)

- clear sparkly of your choosing - 4 liters  (2 large pops)
     -diet or regular "clear" bubbly drink
          Club soda, sprite, 7up, Mountian Dew, Sparkling
           Water, brand x lemon lime etc

-cranberry cocktail
            bottle that is approx 64 ounces
            brand x is fine
            can also use cran-apple, cran-grape etc

-optionally add liquor of your choice

Serve cold over ice

Friday, December 6, 2013

Free online classes from Reiki Awakenig Academy

Hey...Check out the latest from Reiki Awakening Academy!

FREE hour long classes - absolutely free, no strings attached!

Check these out for yourself & register today.  (There is no cost but you must register in advance to save a spot and receive the class link).

Reiki Share 
with Alice
9-10 pm eastern
Dec 15, Jan 13, Feb 2
click here 

Instant Insight - Get Answers from the Cards
with Connie
8-9 pm eastern
Dec 22  
click here

Instant Insight - How to Deal with Nay-Sayers & Skeptics
with Alice
7-8 pm eastern
click here 

 Instant Insight - Ask a Psychic
with Connie
8-9 pm eastern
Feb 9
click here 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Claass with a money back guarantee!

Hey...this one is too good to pass up!
The online class takes place tonight-Thursday Dec 5th.

Here's your opportunity to visit the future & get answers for today!!

AND it's risk free.  The teacher guarantees you'll love the class or you'll get a FULL refund.

Sign up NOW   click here

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Runes Made Easy!

This class will teach you a new revolutionary way to read the runes.
Whether you have never used the runes before, or whether you’ve tried numerous times and put them aside as being too complicated, this is the class for you.
Each rune is given a one word contemporary meaning.  Pages of small print and archaic agriculture lore are done away with and you can easily read the runes.
This class gets you doing readings with the runes. not reading about reading the runes.
You will learn how to read, cast, as well as bind the runes.
By the end of class you will be comfortable and confident doing three different rune casts as well as writing simple words with the runes and binding them.
No prior experience necessary.
The class is offered  Sunday December 8 afternoon or Wednesday December 11 evening.  It is online and can be taken anywhere in the world.  All you need is a computer and a good command of the English language.  It is also available as a recorded class should you miss it or be an inconvenient time.     
class registration
Reiki Awakening Academy Bookstore-open to everyone with no need to be taking this or any other class-has rune sets, rune casting cloths, rune books and more.  Check it out   Book Store

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