Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Make Your Readings Flow

Every deck of oracle cards comes with book or sheet of paper  -usually in teeny tiny print- giving you the meaning of each card & pretty much set you free to memorize and read.  
However when you actually try to read cards, you find yourself frantically flipping through the little booklet.

Even so, when  you get the definition(s) correct, it sounds conjured and stiff.

The best readers I know only take the briefest of glances at the manual or ditch it altogether.   They also prefer cards with no writing or explanation on the cards themselves.

If you think about it ..if you draw the same card for ten people the odds against  it meaning exactly the same thing for all ten people are staggering.

Let's look at a simple one card draw for example- Say, we draw Raye from one of the Doreen decks.
Once you've read the little phrase out, you are stuck, your brain won't let it think of any other meaning.  What if the literal meaning does not make sense??  What uncomfortable chit chat for the remaining 14 minutes of the reading!! So here is RAYE with the printing erased.  We get:
Calm down, take a deep breath and imagine you  are reading a child a story.  Anyone who has ever done the bedtime story routine knows that the child  can find differences in the picture every time it's read.  As well if  you are reading the story to more than one child at a time, they will each point out what pops out to them.

So sit a moment and sense what is popping out in this card today for this client.   (Or ask what the client what jumps out  them ).

If you client is big on colors, to them it could read:
The major color is purple the color of the third eye so this reading would be all about intuition or psychic ability.
The lady is dressed in blacks and  basics - crux of whatever the issue is.
She's obviously being still, meditating or perhaps in lotus position for yoga.  
As she does this Light streams in and illuminates the situation so she can get answered.  
The smaller amount of green light indicates the whole situation is to do with healing.
Some people would see the wings a separate and indicative of being surrounded by angels.
Bottom line...spend time in prayer/meditation/yoga/what ever works for you - do it intensely and you will get the answers you're seeking.

How did we do?
  " Yoga and exercise are essential to your underlying peace of mind and spiritual well being right now."

We expanded the reading, personalized & made it flow while preserving the basic message and without using the book. 

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