Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hearing Angels

I have been able to hear angels for several years now & am frequently asked to teach others how to do this.   Other than "I just do", I haven't  had a sufficiently good explanation  - until now.
I have searched the metaphysical world & found all sorts of "angel crystals" like angeleite & celestite to use in grids, mediation, & altars.
I have found "angel attunements" galore.
The other day, I was hit with the big DUH!!!!!!!!!
Angels are on a higher vibrational level  than us - in fact many people describe their first encounters as a buzzing or humming  in their ears.  This is usually followed by convoluted instruction on how to decipher the hum or to rise up to the angelic realm (or convince the angels to come down to the human realm by use of color, invoking, believing etc)
It came to my attention that I hear angels most often in one area of the house.   I have always attributed this to the amount of meditation done there & metaphysical stuff in there.  
Once again Spirit has knocked the wind out of my sails.
I have been trying to "put God in my pocket"  - be in control when all along He wanted to take the load off --put me in His pocket.
The simplest way to hear heaven  is to cancel out earth.
Turn off  the music, add a white noise cancellor ( or in my case an old $5 fan from Good Will) and the  higher vibratory level, which has always been there, is now  evident.
Common  Sense .  Too Easy.
Nothing mystical, nothing magical, nothing mysterious.

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